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Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from Taiwan!

Hello One and All!
Another week and the first transfer gone by in Taiwan. Time flies or rides a little scooter and wears a construction helmet if you're in Taiwan. Well this week had its ups and downs, but overall it was a blessing. Oh, first off Happy Mother's day to all those dear sweet mothers or future mums. You're fantastic.

Well Taiwan. This week one of the better parts is Wu hun long. He is such a happy guy and has absolutely no Christian background, but that doesn't stop him. He has the gift of believing that's for sure. We shared with him the Joseph Smith experience and said he didn't believe. We asked him why he thought that way, found his concern and clarified a few points and challenged him to pray.
But before we could challenge him to pray, he said, "you know what, I don't see why God and Jesus wouldn't appear, I believe it’s true."
Amazing how the spirit helps testify if there is understanding. In Doctrine and Covenants it talks more about it but I forgot where... Well anyways WE had a few investigators lose interest and we are pretty sure that we will end up dropping them for a little bit and come back to them later. We got fang'd a lot again. Elder Sessions and I guess it’s been over 40+'s. Rough. But I just need to help these people to see the urgency and how they can be affected now and the long run.

So, I was supposed to be together with my companion for two transfers for training but we got an unexpected call on Friday night from President. He told Elder Sessions he was moving! More than that he would be the new zone leader in Shilin! A bit unexpected, sad, exciting? and yeah just weird. Even though it’s hard it has been a blessing. He gets to help a lot of people now up in Taipei and I get to learn to lean on the Lord more than him. I read some scriptures that are pretty comforting. In Alma 58 I think, Helaman was wondering why they haven't received help for war. The thing that caught my attention the most was he said even though they don't know why, they will trust in the Lord, and he will strengthen them despite their weaknesses. I thought this applied so well. I don't know why I won't still have trainer and why I am being put with a young guy, but I just need to trust in the Lord, trust in my mission president and my weaknesses can become strong and I can face the challenges.
My new companion's name is Elder Riches. From- Arizona. 1 of 11 pretty sure... He is awesome. I have a feeling we will tear it up here with the Lord's help of course. I know the Lord will strengthen us in ways we don't know yet. Well lots of love from the little Island of Taiwan from the even smaller city of Taidong, particularly the North part.
Elder Townsend

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