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Monday, November 21, 2011

Gobble, gobble...

Li ho.
Huang Jun Zheng, Daniel. He is doing great. We met with him this week and talked to him and found out some last concerns about prophets and other little things. It was cool because we started off with a song and said a prayer and lately his life has been so much better from starting to pray, read scriptures and keep God's commandments again. He said that he feels now he can make his baptism date. Said he still hasn't had a big answer, but he has recognized the Lord teaching him a little each time. It is really good and he is trully awesome.
Eason Li. He is doing well, we had a lesson with him that didn't go so well, but ok. Our peike (member present lesson, this one is a returned missionary) talked about the war in heaven and all of that good stuff. Had to take control of that one pretty quickly. Just a re-emphasis that the Gospel is simple and we don't need to over complicate it with other details. It was pretty fun however in the lesson (this one was all chinese) we were sharing a scripture and he came across a character and he just stopped and said in English, "Yeah, I have no idea what this one is". so it called for a bit of explanation. Also he didn't know how to say irritated in Chinese so the both of us were trying to explain it in chinese to our member.
We went up to a college to meet with some of these students we meet the other day. Shared a pretty good lesson and after they really didn't have any interest in learning more. We were about to head back and we meet a Joe Hong. He was a cool guy asked him if we could share a message. We shared about prayer, used how to begin teaching (Its in Preach My Gospel, one of the most amazing things ever.) and invited to be baptized. Said he would set a date and we went on our way. Really just a sweet little thing.
Thanksgiving with the missionaries. Success. It was pretty good, The sweet potatoes were out of this world. There was a little boy there (an investigator's son) and I played "ball" with him for ever. It was fun it was kind of like goofing off with the little cousins. The sisters asked me if I would be available today because the little boy wants to play ball again. Ha apparently I left a pretty good impression upon the kid.
I meet this guy on the street (happens everyday) and He was a bit strange (happens everyday) but I felt like I should keep talking to him. It was an interesting conversation. I shared with some things and was a bit point and blank with him. He said he couldn't deny my words which was cool, but he wasn't willing to meet. I had shared with him the Book of Mormon and he really wanted to read it. He said that when he is being judged he would remember me talking to him, but also he wanted to say that he read the Book of Mormon and he would be held accountable for it. It kind of caught me off guard so I gave him the Book of Mormon and told him that we need to what the scriptures tell us to and act.
That wraps up this week. Because of the great holiday that is taking place this week I just want to express my gratitude. My gratitude to family and friends for your support and love. My gratitude for the Savior and his Redeeming Sacrifice. My Heavenly Father, who patiently and lovingly listens to my every plea. My every trial and challenge as it is helping me stretch and grow into the tool the Lord would have me be. Prayer. Just to know I can express my heart and all the things around me. The great people of Taiwan. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Strong members. A comfy house and so much more.
Lots of Love.
ELder Townsend

Taiwan Wassup!!!

I love how the lord blesses us in so many ways from little things to bigs, to answering our prayers (sometimes not the answer we want) to keep pushing us a long.
This week...
Huang jun zheng=Daniel. We were sitting in church, when Thomas our mission leader tells me that Daniel is here. It was so great to see him. I haven't been in contact with for over 3 weeks so it was so good to be able to see and also meet with him. After we had a little lesson and as we were talking he mention how the word of wisdom is his only problem. He has started smoking again and is up to a pack a day which isn't too bad. (isn't that funny that smoking over 12 cigarettes a day isn't too bad?) Anyway we talked and he was willing to recommit to baptism. He is willing to do what it takes to be baptized. I still think he has some little problems still that he hasn't brought up yet, but we will see.
Li guo xu=Ben. Two weeks ago we were contacting at a light and we I got this guy to pull over to the side of the road. We started talking and he was really good so we set up a time where we could meet and share the Gospel with him. I was talking to him and he told me he was a cop. I thought it was pretty ironic that here you a random white foreigner pulling over a cop on the street. That's right! I guess we just have different power and authority. I saw he needed spiritual help. Well anyways during the week, we bumped into each other again. He remembered me and everything. We confirmed times and was seeing how he was doing. A couple of days later I go to call and confirm again except... I had a wrong number! So on the appointed day we were going to meet we had a meeting before with the ward mission leader. The meeting went a bit longer (thanks to the sisters coming late) and as we went out and were talking to Thomas, Ben the cop shows up! It was the biggest miracle. He said he got a little lost (shouldn't police officers know the roads?), but made it. I was so happy! The Lord trully does work miracles in the simplest and greatest ways. (not saying that sisters coming late and talking to the ward missionary will bring lots of miracles)
Xiao ma. Well this week during Weekly Planning Session (WPS), we talked about if xiao ma wanted to make his baptismal date. He needed a lot more time. So in our prayer we ask God if he could provide more time for him to study the Gospel and a trial to strengthen his faith, just to rely upon God. After WPS we went and meet with him. Before the lesson started he mentioned how he received the dreaded dang bing call (Mandatory military service). He told us though that since he as a flat foot and no arch that his dang bing was a bit different. It would be like a normal job, 9-530 and from 530 to 9 he could do whatever he wants to. So now when he goes to taoyuan for dang bing , he'll have a huge block of time where he can meet with the missionaries and read his scriptures. In the end we shared with him about Jesus Christ's Atonement, and recommitted him to pray and read scriptures everyday. He really is awesome and is going to get baptized! So principle is, the Lord will always answer our prayers, sometimes not how we want or expect them to be answered, but he will.
Eason Li. I hadn't been able to get a hold of him and I was a little bit bummed because he was so good. On Saturday during the ward mission meeting, I got a phone call from him. He said sorry his phone broke so he had to go get it fixed and wanted to know when we can meet with him next. Ha it was sweet! I love having investigators call me to set up! Kid has great faith and he is my hero! Another Giant blessing.
This weekend Elder Harr and I went on exchanges. It was sweet. We saw some awesome miracles and we had a good time together. He is a good missionary. He is a great example for me on how to love these people. He had served here before and now when he came back everyone is so excited and happy to see him again. Also he still remembers about them and does show geniune interest in their lives.
Today for preparation day we are going to have a thanksgiving meal. Get ready, Costco had pumpkin pie!!!
I ate this really good mantou, (Steamed bread) it was coated in coconut. I would recommend it if you could find it. That is one good food here is mantou. Missionaries love it and the best part is it is pretty cheap!
Well I want all of you to know that I love you and that this message has increased my love for all of you. The Gospel is so simple and pure. It is the very fabric of God's plan.
Lots of love from this homeboy,
Elder Townsend

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well Hello!
This week I don't have anything to clever. Except this week was sweet!
Example A. Eason Li
We were out contacting and we had a point were we wanted to make it too. We were contacting a lot and we got to a part with not a whole lot of people but just enough that you could miss someone. I see this guy (pretty big, has scruff, doesn't look like a kid). I remember talking to him (don't have a clue what I said) and seeing if he wanted to study the Gospel and he wanted too. He told me he lived in canada for 5 years and his English was awesome. He is only 17 and is doing some stuff to get ready for college or is taking some classes for a better college. Don't quite remember. I just remember being extremely impressed by him. Well he came, we met, had a spiritual experience, and wants to be baptized. The only real concern is finding a way for him to come to church, because he has class those days. He was bummed because he likes church. He said while he was in Canada he went to church every weekend almost. He wants to learn a lot about Jesus and is pumped to learn. I am confident he will find a way with the Lord's help. Ah the Lord does bless when we are courageous and open our mouths. It might wear us out somedays, but in the end, it is far more satisfying.
Example B. Xiao ma.
He came to church and liked it. He loves absolutely adores hearing member's and our personal stories about the gospel has helped us. Modest came and accompanied his lesson and it was a blessing sent from on high. He talked about how the gospel helped him, how he struggled, relied upon God, received blessings, overcame and drew it back into the topic at hand. That bought xiao ma. We will probably have to move his baptismal date back a week, but I confident in the Lord that he can help xiao ma accomplish it.
Example C. Temple.
I love, completely adore the temple. First reason as I go in and am getting ready I bump into an amazing member from Taidong. He is one of my examples. He has helped 72 members of his family come into the church. He also is just humble and carries a heavenly spirit with him. Next, as I was sitting in temple, I started to stress about time, investigators, all that stuff and was getting worked up, when I realized I was in the Temple. I was on the Lord's time. In the temple we can let go of cares of the world. I didn't have to think about all those things. The burdens I had been feeling (stress and lots of it) went away. I knew I was with the Lord so why must I worry? Its funny because I just had to let myself go in a way in order to really regain myself. After coming out of the temple I was so happy, truly happy. That's what the Lord's house can do and it is all made possible by the Restoration of the Gospel.
Example D. McDonald's
Taiwanese Micky D's has it going on. They go big. They don't stand for the American average. They like to look big and happening. If you want to have a business meeting, that meeting could take place in a McDs. It tastes a little bit different, but none the less, it does taste like American Food.
Example E. Companion
He is good hard worker. He isn't afraid to open his mouth. He is good at always trying to follow the spirit which is perfect. No spirit no true conversion. He is so happy and thrilled to be a missionary and do the Lord's work. He has set high goals and I am willing to try and help him attain those goals.
Well I have many more examples, but for right now this is all I have time to share.
Lots of Love from The Asian little Island.
Elder Townsend

New Transfer..I am getting old! (Nov.1st)

So my new companion is Elder Slawson. He is a second transfer missionary and his chinese is already amazing. Its pretty cool how awesome his chinese is. He is from Seattle andUtah. He lived in beijing for a couple of years and yep! He's a good one. Likes to microwave sponges to santize them... Lots of energy to go out and do the work. Today we have temple day so we will go to the temple pretty soon here. Lately it feels like we have been mostly been just being busy! Always going not quite sure, hopefully we can start getting the flow a bit smoother and see lots of miracles together! The Lord has prepared people. Just have to see past all the ones who are not quite yet. The thing I've to find is that here in xinzhu that I run into people from all over, phillipines, singaporegermany, america, paraguay, and many more. Its always interesting to try and speak one common language with them. The thing that keeps coming up over and over again is that this message is the same for every one. Its doesn't matter what type of person we are, we all can feel the spirit.
I really enjoyed church this last week at church it was really something I needed, it was too crazy and the sacrament allowed for the needed refreshment of the spirit and talks were even better. I had the opportunity to translate again this week for a member from Pennsylvania (I forgot how spell that state). It was really good they focused on how we need to be agents and go and do. One of the bishopric shared how Nephi was an agent. He didn't wait around for the Lord to give him an answer. For example, When he went to get the plates. He made a plan, tried, failed, tried, failed and kept trying! All he knew was that he was supposed to keep trying. If the Lord told him right off the back you were going to fail the first couple of times, what experience would he have learned? None. We don't need some giant spiritual feeling in order to do something. All we need is to make a plan, ask the Lord to consecrate it, go and do. If the plan is in the wrong the Lord will tell us, he won't allow us to go astray. That's what I am finding out missionary work is. We plan, ask for consecration, contact everyone, teach, and if we are doing something wrong the Lord will let me know. I also have noticed from my personal experience and scripture study is that teaching by the spirit is listening, observing, discerning and acting. Elder Bednar has shared this with us and I found it to be so true. As I have been teaching on the street, I found the more I do this the stronger the experience is. For example, this week I was talking to this man, he was a bit closed off, but as the more I listen, observe, discerned and finally acted the more opened up he became. It completely changed his attitude. That is the spirit at work. It was a giant feeling that overwhelmed us. It was an instruction kit from heaven. It was simply doing what the Lord has taught is his way and pattern of teaching and the results will bring him closer unto Christ. We just need to remove those distractions from our lives and we don't have to worry, because if something does come up, well the Lord will let us know.
Finally I have almost been out for 10 monthes now. Can you believe you haven't seen me face to face that long? It feels like two days ago I got on the island. (Two days because the first day was a shock, the second was the adjustment, and now today is being taiwanese) Well if you want to help out in anyway just pray for all the missionaries in the world, that they might have the spirit as they go and do, and the people they teach, that those people can have their hearts be soften, open and receptive to this glorious message from a loving and merciful Heavenly Father who made it all possible through his Only Begotten.
Lots of love,
Elder Townsend