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Monday, November 21, 2011

Taiwan Wassup!!!

I love how the lord blesses us in so many ways from little things to bigs, to answering our prayers (sometimes not the answer we want) to keep pushing us a long.
This week...
Huang jun zheng=Daniel. We were sitting in church, when Thomas our mission leader tells me that Daniel is here. It was so great to see him. I haven't been in contact with for over 3 weeks so it was so good to be able to see and also meet with him. After we had a little lesson and as we were talking he mention how the word of wisdom is his only problem. He has started smoking again and is up to a pack a day which isn't too bad. (isn't that funny that smoking over 12 cigarettes a day isn't too bad?) Anyway we talked and he was willing to recommit to baptism. He is willing to do what it takes to be baptized. I still think he has some little problems still that he hasn't brought up yet, but we will see.
Li guo xu=Ben. Two weeks ago we were contacting at a light and we I got this guy to pull over to the side of the road. We started talking and he was really good so we set up a time where we could meet and share the Gospel with him. I was talking to him and he told me he was a cop. I thought it was pretty ironic that here you a random white foreigner pulling over a cop on the street. That's right! I guess we just have different power and authority. I saw he needed spiritual help. Well anyways during the week, we bumped into each other again. He remembered me and everything. We confirmed times and was seeing how he was doing. A couple of days later I go to call and confirm again except... I had a wrong number! So on the appointed day we were going to meet we had a meeting before with the ward mission leader. The meeting went a bit longer (thanks to the sisters coming late) and as we went out and were talking to Thomas, Ben the cop shows up! It was the biggest miracle. He said he got a little lost (shouldn't police officers know the roads?), but made it. I was so happy! The Lord trully does work miracles in the simplest and greatest ways. (not saying that sisters coming late and talking to the ward missionary will bring lots of miracles)
Xiao ma. Well this week during Weekly Planning Session (WPS), we talked about if xiao ma wanted to make his baptismal date. He needed a lot more time. So in our prayer we ask God if he could provide more time for him to study the Gospel and a trial to strengthen his faith, just to rely upon God. After WPS we went and meet with him. Before the lesson started he mentioned how he received the dreaded dang bing call (Mandatory military service). He told us though that since he as a flat foot and no arch that his dang bing was a bit different. It would be like a normal job, 9-530 and from 530 to 9 he could do whatever he wants to. So now when he goes to taoyuan for dang bing , he'll have a huge block of time where he can meet with the missionaries and read his scriptures. In the end we shared with him about Jesus Christ's Atonement, and recommitted him to pray and read scriptures everyday. He really is awesome and is going to get baptized! So principle is, the Lord will always answer our prayers, sometimes not how we want or expect them to be answered, but he will.
Eason Li. I hadn't been able to get a hold of him and I was a little bit bummed because he was so good. On Saturday during the ward mission meeting, I got a phone call from him. He said sorry his phone broke so he had to go get it fixed and wanted to know when we can meet with him next. Ha it was sweet! I love having investigators call me to set up! Kid has great faith and he is my hero! Another Giant blessing.
This weekend Elder Harr and I went on exchanges. It was sweet. We saw some awesome miracles and we had a good time together. He is a good missionary. He is a great example for me on how to love these people. He had served here before and now when he came back everyone is so excited and happy to see him again. Also he still remembers about them and does show geniune interest in their lives.
Today for preparation day we are going to have a thanksgiving meal. Get ready, Costco had pumpkin pie!!!
I ate this really good mantou, (Steamed bread) it was coated in coconut. I would recommend it if you could find it. That is one good food here is mantou. Missionaries love it and the best part is it is pretty cheap!
Well I want all of you to know that I love you and that this message has increased my love for all of you. The Gospel is so simple and pure. It is the very fabric of God's plan.
Lots of love from this homeboy,
Elder Townsend

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