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Monday, November 21, 2011

Gobble, gobble...

Li ho.
Huang Jun Zheng, Daniel. He is doing great. We met with him this week and talked to him and found out some last concerns about prophets and other little things. It was cool because we started off with a song and said a prayer and lately his life has been so much better from starting to pray, read scriptures and keep God's commandments again. He said that he feels now he can make his baptism date. Said he still hasn't had a big answer, but he has recognized the Lord teaching him a little each time. It is really good and he is trully awesome.
Eason Li. He is doing well, we had a lesson with him that didn't go so well, but ok. Our peike (member present lesson, this one is a returned missionary) talked about the war in heaven and all of that good stuff. Had to take control of that one pretty quickly. Just a re-emphasis that the Gospel is simple and we don't need to over complicate it with other details. It was pretty fun however in the lesson (this one was all chinese) we were sharing a scripture and he came across a character and he just stopped and said in English, "Yeah, I have no idea what this one is". so it called for a bit of explanation. Also he didn't know how to say irritated in Chinese so the both of us were trying to explain it in chinese to our member.
We went up to a college to meet with some of these students we meet the other day. Shared a pretty good lesson and after they really didn't have any interest in learning more. We were about to head back and we meet a Joe Hong. He was a cool guy asked him if we could share a message. We shared about prayer, used how to begin teaching (Its in Preach My Gospel, one of the most amazing things ever.) and invited to be baptized. Said he would set a date and we went on our way. Really just a sweet little thing.
Thanksgiving with the missionaries. Success. It was pretty good, The sweet potatoes were out of this world. There was a little boy there (an investigator's son) and I played "ball" with him for ever. It was fun it was kind of like goofing off with the little cousins. The sisters asked me if I would be available today because the little boy wants to play ball again. Ha apparently I left a pretty good impression upon the kid.
I meet this guy on the street (happens everyday) and He was a bit strange (happens everyday) but I felt like I should keep talking to him. It was an interesting conversation. I shared with some things and was a bit point and blank with him. He said he couldn't deny my words which was cool, but he wasn't willing to meet. I had shared with him the Book of Mormon and he really wanted to read it. He said that when he is being judged he would remember me talking to him, but also he wanted to say that he read the Book of Mormon and he would be held accountable for it. It kind of caught me off guard so I gave him the Book of Mormon and told him that we need to what the scriptures tell us to and act.
That wraps up this week. Because of the great holiday that is taking place this week I just want to express my gratitude. My gratitude to family and friends for your support and love. My gratitude for the Savior and his Redeeming Sacrifice. My Heavenly Father, who patiently and lovingly listens to my every plea. My every trial and challenge as it is helping me stretch and grow into the tool the Lord would have me be. Prayer. Just to know I can express my heart and all the things around me. The great people of Taiwan. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Strong members. A comfy house and so much more.
Lots of Love.
ELder Townsend

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