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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Well Hello!
This week I don't have anything to clever. Except this week was sweet!
Example A. Eason Li
We were out contacting and we had a point were we wanted to make it too. We were contacting a lot and we got to a part with not a whole lot of people but just enough that you could miss someone. I see this guy (pretty big, has scruff, doesn't look like a kid). I remember talking to him (don't have a clue what I said) and seeing if he wanted to study the Gospel and he wanted too. He told me he lived in canada for 5 years and his English was awesome. He is only 17 and is doing some stuff to get ready for college or is taking some classes for a better college. Don't quite remember. I just remember being extremely impressed by him. Well he came, we met, had a spiritual experience, and wants to be baptized. The only real concern is finding a way for him to come to church, because he has class those days. He was bummed because he likes church. He said while he was in Canada he went to church every weekend almost. He wants to learn a lot about Jesus and is pumped to learn. I am confident he will find a way with the Lord's help. Ah the Lord does bless when we are courageous and open our mouths. It might wear us out somedays, but in the end, it is far more satisfying.
Example B. Xiao ma.
He came to church and liked it. He loves absolutely adores hearing member's and our personal stories about the gospel has helped us. Modest came and accompanied his lesson and it was a blessing sent from on high. He talked about how the gospel helped him, how he struggled, relied upon God, received blessings, overcame and drew it back into the topic at hand. That bought xiao ma. We will probably have to move his baptismal date back a week, but I confident in the Lord that he can help xiao ma accomplish it.
Example C. Temple.
I love, completely adore the temple. First reason as I go in and am getting ready I bump into an amazing member from Taidong. He is one of my examples. He has helped 72 members of his family come into the church. He also is just humble and carries a heavenly spirit with him. Next, as I was sitting in temple, I started to stress about time, investigators, all that stuff and was getting worked up, when I realized I was in the Temple. I was on the Lord's time. In the temple we can let go of cares of the world. I didn't have to think about all those things. The burdens I had been feeling (stress and lots of it) went away. I knew I was with the Lord so why must I worry? Its funny because I just had to let myself go in a way in order to really regain myself. After coming out of the temple I was so happy, truly happy. That's what the Lord's house can do and it is all made possible by the Restoration of the Gospel.
Example D. McDonald's
Taiwanese Micky D's has it going on. They go big. They don't stand for the American average. They like to look big and happening. If you want to have a business meeting, that meeting could take place in a McDs. It tastes a little bit different, but none the less, it does taste like American Food.
Example E. Companion
He is good hard worker. He isn't afraid to open his mouth. He is good at always trying to follow the spirit which is perfect. No spirit no true conversion. He is so happy and thrilled to be a missionary and do the Lord's work. He has set high goals and I am willing to try and help him attain those goals.
Well I have many more examples, but for right now this is all I have time to share.
Lots of Love from The Asian little Island.
Elder Townsend

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