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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 8 Taiwan

First I got the Goods. The packages have arrived, and they are great.
Well I survived with my first week with my new companion! No he is great and a hard worker. He really knows how to work with the spirit has amazing transitions from each doctrinal point we need to teach which helps me out because I tend to be scatter brained. It’s good and fun though. I've had to be the "Senior Companion" for this past week but it wasn't too bad. We didn't get lost I was always able to get us back safely. :) This week was a bit crazy. My companion had to go up to Taipei for a big leadership meeting so I went to Hualian. Ah. It wasn't too bad; the Elder I went on splits on with was great, Elder Fang, a native. He made it good. It was more of the day that was rough. It rained all day, I was afraid I was going to kill the bike or the bike would kill me (one of two and luckily neither), no sleep, and no one would talk with us. ha It was pretty funny because Elder Fang was new to the area so we probably rode the some area like five times without going where we needed to. It was all good. I learned a couple of things. Remain in high spirits always, bring a map (if you know how to use it), invest in rain gear, and just think the best of everyone no matter how unique they might be. It was a good experience and I am glad I had it even though I didn't enjoy it as I should have.
Our Branch Mission Leader took us out to go eat lunch and this was the view we had. Unreal right? It was pretty good food too, but I like the view better. Taiwanese people are also really blunt I realized. He asked me if I was accustomed to Taiwan, I said yes, he then asked me if I had diarrhea. No big deal just eating food and he's asking my ingestive system was having some rapid movement. ha Only in Taiwan. I love the Taiwanese people and that has been a big this semester is focusing on loving the people. Their culture is just different and you love them and just need to mold in with them. (On something’s, not all)
We had a cool lesson with a less active. His testimony was really strong and he was trying to figure out right now how to choose which college. I shared my experience of asking God what I should do and how reading and praying help me receive an answer that said I need to go to college first before going on my mission. I am so thankful that I did. I learned and gained a lot of experience from that experience and it’s helped me out here incredibly.
Just want to challenge everyone to study about the Savior's love and how you can apply it to your own life and see how that changes your thoughts towards others this week. I can promise you will be happier and that your relationship with others will get better.
Elder Townsend

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