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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!Sheng dan jie kuai le!

Merry Christmas! Sheng dan jie kuai le!
Hello Everyone! What a wonderful Christmas. Taiwan is at the best weather ever right now! (Really cold) The people are driving there scooters around. We are inviting to follow Christ and its just a beautiful Great day. Although I already talked to a lot of you this christmas, I still wanted to send an email out for all of you who didn't get to listen to my voice.
I am going to first start off with Christmas Day.
Waking up. Listen to my companion talk to his mom and sister on the phone, open up some gifts that were shipped around the world, and got ready. Next open up the scriptures and read about Samuel preach of the coming of Christ, study for some investigators, and read a talk by pres. eyring teaching about the atonement and gratitude. Go to church. Have larry du come to church, partake of sacrament, and listen to the talks. It was a bit hard to focus on the talks because I kept pondering the fact about how Lord and Redeemer's birth is celebrated on this day. After church, return home, make some pancakes, do some language study, and then go out to preach the word. Lots rejected, but it felt extra powerful to testify of Jesus Christ and teach of the Son. Searching and searching, return home to eat a PBJ sandwich and a banana real quick and go back out. End up meeting with some of the missionaries to carol for a little bit and see if can snag some people real quick to share about Christ. The time is finally up and we have to go home to start another day. Pretty much the same as any other day, but today we could the Lord was pleased with us. I felt what we did was just right. No other problems, no feelings of sadness, or homesickness, just that everything was all right. It was a quiet or better a silent night in a noisy city. I love Christmas this year.
This week I also had the privilege to go do some work with Elder Workman! He is the Travelling Assistant. He is such amazing guy. That had to be one of my favorite missionary days so far. Again no crazy out of this world miracles, but I was just happy. Happy to be able to talk this brother and sisters. This morning in our companionship study, he helped me realize how much I love and truly care for these people. How much I love the investigators I am teaching now, these dear friends and I felt really good because he said he could feel that love and kindness around me. That was just a needed thing that I felt like I was lacking. Sometimes in missionary work, I get caught up in the unimportant things that the really important things like love and the actual Gospel seem to have less of an impact, but when I remember the important things, everything else seems to take care of itself. 
Finally on Saturday we had a christmas party and we had an investigator, Larry lin come. It was fantastic. Just a kid who needs some guidance in his life. The ward did awesome putting on this play. At first I was a bit nervous, said a little prayer and asked God to send the holy ghost to testify. As the kids were acting out the Book of Mormon stories, the spirit was present. I was able to use the Book of Mormon to quickly teach him the restoration and baptism. He understood. I know he felt the spirit because you could see it on his face. I love the ward here in xinzhu and I am so grateful for all the Lord gives.

Lots of Love,
Elder Townsend

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