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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Transfer time again!

Well I am here again in xin zhu for my 4 transfer now! That means 1/4 of my mission is going to be spent here in this town. Isn't that fantastic? I think its pretty great, but I wouldn't mind getting out and around a little bit. So Elder Slawson and I will be together for another transfer. Oh my old man, (Sorry not you dad) Elder Sessions, goes home tomorrow. Kind of a heart breaker. He is such an amazing missionary and a fantastic example. Its funny because I was with him for a transfer and got to know him pretty well. Well him being the assistant, I got to see him a bit more and wow, he has changed. Its all good changes. He is just a man now I guess you can say. He carries a strong presence and you can feel that the Lord is pleased at what he has done as a missionary.
This week people.
Ping Wang. Lived in America while attending college. Just a really cool guy. He says he is just so grateful for all that God has given him. He says he wants to be able to thank God for all his blessings. That's the main reason he wants to study the gospel. I guess I need to repent a little. I can always improve my gratitude. I guess looking upon my inadequencies has affected my gratitude for the things I already have. Its similar to what we see in the scriptures. The people will remember God, but how quickly the forget all that he gives them and they become selfish.
Dean Cai. Wow I am glad for a peike (member present lesson). I thought we were doing pretty good at teaching Dean, and all was going well, but we have an all-star peike (His name is Jerry, just to clarify NOT the Taidong Jerry) who helped us realized that we need to know about their culture for  him to understand. So Jerry helped us explain and bring the spirit in. He is the man! Dean is pretty funny, I am pretty sure he drinks more tea and coffee and smokes more than I don't know, he just drinks and smokes a ton! We could stand ten feet away from him and you can already smell the smoke and he jumps around a little bit in his seat when we are sharing. Ha He is a cool guy though. 27 and just happy to be alive.
Yeah I don't remember a whole lot about this week. It was slow and fast... Went on Exchanges with Elder Terry. We found this way cool girl from mainland china. Hand her over to the sisters. We also had the smoothest lesson in the world on that day. It was awesome.
Confession. Mom for breakfast I usually eat bread with chocolate sauce on top. Its the cheapest and its not too bad. Usually I'll microwave the bread for a little bit to get it nice and warm, but this week. I ate pancakes for the mast vajority of time.
Anyways lots of love and email you next time!
Elder Townsend

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