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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Xin nian kuaile! The Dragon has come! Its guonian (Chinese new year) and things are changing up! I am still here in xinzhu, but the people aren't! We still have some obviously, but a vast majority of the shops are close(luckily the internet cafe isn't and seven/eleven never sleeps) and the people on the streets aren't as many! A lot of people head to their parent's house for this holiday, eat, sleep, and eat some more. So last night we had a member invite us over. It was so good. I really don't know what was my favorite. Maybe the lamb slabs with this mustard sauce on it or the fried shrimp or the fish or the raw fish with the intense wasabi sauce that burns the hair of your nose I don't know. ha I really did love it all! So there is a little bit about the culture note.
This week has been really long and pretty busy as well. I would have to rank this week as one of the slowest moving in history, but I could be wrong. This week we said good bye to one our investigators. His grandparents really oppose and his parents think its best if he waits tills after he does military service and his grandparents go the ways of the earth.
This week was a bit strange we had a lot of contact with foreign missionaries for some reason. The first one, his name was Victor and Victor is from Portugal. The xiang shan elders gave us to him and told us he was a catholic missionary. We call him he said we could still bring a book of Mormon to give him. We get his address and head up. Well the address we pull up to is a Catholic cathedral. We go to the front and victor pulls up and we go inside to share and have a lesson. It was a first for me to preach the Gospel in another church. I guess that's how they did in old times to right? ha We gave him the book and invited him to read it. The next one was when I was talking to some kid who said his name was eminem (yes like the rapper) and out of now where appears this sharp dressed black man. He said he thought we were his brethren, but realized we weren't the brethren of his faith. He was a Jehovah Witness pastor. Sterling Lewis. Ha Really nice man, he decided he wanted to share some scriptures with me and I know what it is like to proselyte so I let him talk which he likes to do and also because his voice was very relaxing, (I started to doze off) I also know realize why black men make the best pastors. They just sound fantastic. Anyways we invited him to read the Book of Mormon which was a no, but he did surprise me because he knew that nephi was inspired by the words of isaiah. Sterling really liked the words of Isaiah. He shared a scripture with me and it was interesting because it read it incorrectly. The written meaning from their scriptures and what he said are completely different. In their bible it said there will be no savior and what he said was no other savior. I pointed that out to him and we invited him to read the Book of Mormon another testament of Jesus Christ.
Ricky Zhuang came to church today!!! He was great he was wearing a very hip suit. Ha it was a tan jacket with pin strips and in the front pocket had a bright yellow pen. He also had on a blue button up shirt and on bottom had these blue pants with grey and brown pin strips. That's right Ricky knows how to make a fashion statement watchout new statement coming in! He still is having a difficult time with church but man man lai (Slow slowly come? I don't know best English translation) He is working on a few commandments right now trying to get things fixed and we are really hopin this week that we can help him build his faith in Christ. Pray hard! He is truly amazing!
We had another pretty cool miracle. We were out knocking doors and it was time to go. As we were leaving we heard some pretty loud chinese rap music come out of a door with tigger on it. I couldn't resist. I knocked. A man came out and we talked he had been to church before. He believes in Jesus. The last year he had quit smoking and betel nut. Just being totally prepared. We set up and we are excited!!! Just goes to prove that the Lord can use loud means to find those prepared people.
Well I have so much more, but not enough time. Just know I love you all, the Savior Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon. Read it! Do not take lightly this powerful instrument the Lord has given us to come closer to Him. It is his word!
Lots of love,
Elder Townsend

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