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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am still in xinzhu

Well I got some pretty wacky news. I am not moving! I am still with Elder Slawson. Same area. Same ward. Same bed. Same desk. Same work. Same xinzhu. Apparently someone told President when I was young that I didn't like change, I don't know. This means after this next transfer, I will have spent 7 1/2 monthes in the same place. I still can't believe it. ha Its not a bad thing this is just unheard of unless you are a sister. Sisters usually don't move so I guess I might be a sister? Surprise?
But it is ok! All is good I get to see my investigators here get baptized!
Daniel Huang came to church yesterday wearing a suit. He looked good. Still has a little smoke in him hasn't cleaned it out of him quite yet. He is going to gaoxiong for guonian so he'll be heading out this weekend.
Ricky Zhuang is doing pretty good! He is quiting coffee. He is a little bit sad about it, but he is willing to do it because then he can get baptized. He is a great guy and really does work. Unfortunately he has a hard time coming to church. His first time at church wasn't the greatest experience and ever since then its been a bit difficult to get him back to church. He also work sometimes, but we'll keep working on him.
Ping Wang! I realized last night as I was laying in bed that Ping was closer to you USofA folks than he was to me. He was in Texas for a while spending some time with his girlfriend. Well he is back and is doing pretty spectacular! Keep in my mind that we haven't met with him since the beginning of december, but he has read all the way to the Words of Mormon and he loves the Book of Mormon. When I was talking to him on the phone he was telling me how he was trying to read faster (he meant he wanted to read more). He is really absorbing the Book of Mormon. He shares with us how he has some favorite scriptures and how the Book of Mormon just brings peace into his life. He is so funny and just a great guy.
Ok this week you can say I found another family except it isn't your young family with little kids. Mr. Tian is 77 years old and his wife is 68 I think. He is a funny man. So we get to their house and we sit down, they offer us tea, we reject so we get fed fruit and chocolate wafers. Mr. Tian starts sharing about his life and his father. Apparently his father was some brilliant scientist. He said his dad created/design the glasses that tint themselves in the light and some other important things now they are still using. Well Mr. Tian back in the day was a Doctor in New York China town. He was telling us when he was there he got mugged/shot by a man carrying a rifle. He said it missed his heart and stuff. Due to his father becoming old and his health he had to come back to Taiwan. After all of that he started to share with us how he was trying to get retirement benefits from the US. He was hoping that we could help him with that. First off we weren't really sure what he wanted us to do and second I don't know anything about retirement benefits from the US. I am a missionary preaching Jesus Christ here in Taiwan. Anyways after many times we tried to share a message with we were about to throw the towel in (Keep in mind the whole time his wife was trying to show us every picture to us of her kids, family, etc. Hmm it must be a grandmother type thing) and finally we had success! We said a little prayer, shared Joseph Smith's experience and the Book of Mormon. We invited them as the learned and found out if this message is true or not that they would be willling to be baptized. Mr. Tian was willing. His wife said she has never studied Jesus stuff before so it was a bit big step, but she said she would because she has felt his existence before. Mr. Tian from the time we introduced the Book of Mormon till the end was holding onto it tight. If I understood him clearly he mentioned how he was looking for something like this in his life. After they started to argue about whether he was democratic or communist because he stems from the mainland. Ha it was a classic.
Oh I don't know what is going on in America, but I met a somewhat drunk American who lives in china, but what he was saying is that mitt romney was going to win the presidential election, the US was going to convert and when that happens he said he would become a mormon too. Ha it was pretty funny and he told us that he doesn't believe in joseph smith, (then pulling from his pocket an alcholol bottle) says I believe in this man, Jack Daniels. Moral. I don't know, just make good decisions in life I guess.
There is so much that goes on in a week and so many miracles but unfortunately I don't have time to share all them. Just know that all God is a God of miracles. His word is being fulfilled. Everyone man, woman, and child will hear the gospel in his own language. I still don't know everything, I know I am not the best, but I know I can take comfort in the Lord and that as I look forward to future in faith that I take knowledge in the fact that everything will be ok.
Lots of Love from Taiwan.
Elder Townsend

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