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Friday, August 10, 2012


So before I dig into this week's juicy details and miracles, I want to give you an idea of where I am sitting right now. I am in an internet cafe now. It is loud with sounds of guns, weird creature noises, lots of middle school kids screaming at computers, and some random people sleeping at the computer. Pretty awesome right?
Now with this week. I went on exchanges with Elder You in Taidong. Elder You's companion is my old companion Elder Slawson. SO anyways, it was fun to be out there and do work with him. we had a member down there and they treated us to dinner! It was fun because when I walked in, she instantly recognized me. Sister Zhou. It was really cool because she really helped us out with qiu bo yuan when I was down there. (She taught bo yuan taikuando. ) It was really good to spend time with Elder You. He is good, teaches simply and powerfully.
This week we had peng peng's baptism. he had some trials this week from job, to dad opposing to accepting, and other little details. It was really cool to seem at the end because its obvious now he has the gift of the holy ghost. I can see it on his face. One of the funniest parts was during his baptism there was a frog swimming in the baptismal font. It was a little sucker. It was hard for me to keep the reverance so I tried to muffle my laugh in my coat so I tried to wear a big grin instead. 
This week we also rode our bikes all the way out to zhixue. It was a nice ride, long, pretty and no one to really talk to unfortunately. We met Mr. Li. Really interesting fellow with even more intriguing views on life. I was a little bit frustrated with him because he was pretty prideful and was full of contradictions. However, its his decision to make. He wants an answer but he isn't willing to accept what we give him from the scriptures, only what we say. A little weird but we'll see...
Also this week as I was on exchanges with Elder Wright we saw a pretty cool miracle. Again out in nowhere and my bike is making funny noises as usual but a little bit louder so I stopped to check it out. As I finished that we happened to bump into ms. Zhang that we wouldnt have bumjped into other wise. It was definitely something that the Lord provided a little noise for us to stop and for her to willing to study the Gospel.
Finally a miracle that didn't happen in Ji an but influenced me here. IN Neihu, Qiu lian de, my old man buddy, got baptized this weekend! As I heard this great little news it warmed my heart and inspired me to be the missionary back in Neihu so full of faith and seeing so many miracles. That was probably the time when I the most miracles worked by God so I am re evalutating on how I cna be better then go and do!

Well lots of Love! ElderTownsend 

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