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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A New Change 8/19

Well another week on the beautiful island of  taiwan. Its fun because I am on a competely different island than Taipei it feels like.
This week Elder Alston came down. He is from Pocatello, Idaho. This is first time as Zone Leader so I am going to have the privilege of teaching him the Ropes.
This week was a bit long. However I know I did my part and worked my hardest. The members this week invited us to go "help" with a humanitarian act this week. One of the little villages in Taroko gorge got mudslided and the village got wiped off the map. They haven't received any help. What we were told was that we could help them clean up and maybe play with the kids. So we were pumped and headed up there and when we got there we were later told that they could only drop off the donations. It was a bit of a bummer but we managed to some work. (Lift boxes out of cars)
Also this week we met with our Branch President. Our mission president has a vision that we and our ward branches we serve in can work together and become a super power. So the first place we start is with the Bishop or Branch President. The Branch President at first was a little hesistant when we got there. He wasn't quite sure what was going down. As we explained to him that we wanted to be of help and our vision and how we would like to correlate together with his efforts, his whole demeanor changed. He was very willing to share and give us assignments of things we can do. I took those and went to work on them. After getting them done I would follow up with the Branch President and he in turn would really excited. He enjoyed hearing about some Less Actives we got in contact with and some of the plans we made with them.
This week I also went on exchanges with Elder DeVisser. It was really good. We were able to talk and I was able to relax and just go find. I loved spending time out with the people on the streets talking with them learning about them and sharing the Gospel. I have been thinking about it lately and the Taiwanese people put up a lot with craziness. For example if some white kid wearing a tie, riding a bike, talking about Jesus and how you should come to church approaches you, you might just walk away (Which a lot of people do). So it is so amazing how we can go around and talk to these people like that though. I know that the biggest difference is that we hold the power and authority from God. It makes the greatest difference in the world since the Lord is leading this work.
Finally we had an investigator who asked me "what do we do if our stress hits its limit?" I took that to studies and applied to myself. The scriptures quite simply to pray and the rest is work! So I think my personal benefits of doing that study were so much more than my investigator. The Lord answered my prayer and I did what he said and it helped. I learned that the lord blesses us and meets our own personal needs as we first seek to help others needs.

Elder Townsend

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