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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Typhoon!! 8/26

Well hello.
This week was pretty cool and very wet. Still saw lots of miracles and saw a typhoon or two. However, the Lord blesses.
I get the preparation day stuff done first. We went up to shui yuan di. It was rad! So much fun, jumping rock to rock and enjoying the beauty. This island is really so beautiful its splender and jungle atmosphere.
Next (this sets the whole week of miracles up) we had Zone Conference. It was really good and it was interesting because this time I was one of the people training, not being trained. It was fun and I learned so much during the study and preparation for it that I want to apply and help these people with. Well what President Day took the scripture from the Bible where Christ is inviting peter to go feed his sheep three times and president broke into the three categories. Investigators, members, and less actives. We talked how we could work with those three groups of sheep. One that I really had always been impressed with working with is less actives. So we went to work after.
The Typhoon came on Thursday. Big winds but we were called by President to hang inside that night.
On Friday, We were out and still had a bit of the typhoon after effects (Heavy rain, mild wind). We were writing a card to an investigator and I decided to pull out the member list and see who lives close by. On the first page I saw someone and felt we should go over there. Well as we get there is an older man sitting in front of the house. He is missing an arm, has few fingers missing, and smoking a little butt of cigarette. I felt like this was right inside as if we should be here (Of course the address was correct as well) and I start talking to him. The members who lived there previously had moved but the man who I just contacted, daughter just moved in a little bit ago. I start talking to her and her dad and ask if we can share a short message. We talked about prayer, got to know their family. Her husband is on Jinmen which is a little island that stands as the military base between Taiwan and China, she has 4 children (All under the age of seven, The kids were a bit crazy.), and some about the religious background. In the end, they let us in and they are excited to learn more and are wanting to attend church. It was definitely a tender mercy the Lord has given me this week. It was as if all the effort from the previous work had paid off. Obviously there is still a lot of ground to cover but this is a wonderful start. Cool little testimony of when we help the branch or ward out we get blessed in return.
Also this week we had a youth, Skyler Wu come out and do some work with us. It was fun we enjoyed it. He is fun kid and I love him. He has this big goofy smile and a giant desire, but gets nervous real easily as we talk to peeps. 
Obviously still have more miracles, but not enough time.

Well lots of love from this End of the world. 

Elder Townsend 

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