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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello! Sept. 2,2012

Hello from the East Coast! It is beautiful here and so are the people!
What really touched me this week was the Lord answering my fast so quickly. The Assistants invited us to pray for our members and since it was a fast sunday to also fast for them. So this whole I prayed for them and the weekend I fasted. What I saw at church was the Lord working through his children. We had a family come and they were taken care of, we had a other investigators taken care of, we had a member bring his three nephews, and we were just there. The branch was taking care of all of them. As we got into sacrament and looked at everyone being taken in and cared of, I said, to my companion, "now what do we do?" I could really feel the Lord working through this dear brothers and sisters.
Beside this miracle there were so many more. Its just impossible to cram it all into words. All of the things we saw and felt just fits into one word, work. Work of the Lord, work we put forth, and work of members.
So the family I mention is the Gao family. They are so cute. She has 4 kids all under the age of seven. One of them they call datou which translate to "big Head". They are so funny. The youngest is super cute and is now rocking some awesome stiches in his head. He likes to bang his head on the table at times. Ha I don't know why but he is just a funny little guy and had a great time at church. When we were teaching them this week, it was actually a really cool lesson. We were teaching mostly through the seven year old. We were teaching to his understanding and as we did such it was clear and easy for his mom to understand also her father. It was also funny because the little seven yr old, li hou (its an aborigine name) was honest and it made sense why the savior wants us to be like little children. He told us lots of stories and he also told us he lies sometimes. He said his little brother will hit him, but he won't tattle tell on him.
So the member who brought his three nephews was awesome. After church we sat down to talk and share a short message. I am so grateful for his assistance his love for them. As he talked it was evident he loved these kids as his own. He would make them laugh and then make them feel his love. As the three of them accepted the invitation to be baptized bro li asked them if he could have the honor of assisting them in learning
This week we went up to Taibei (which was fantastic) for our zone leader meeting. It was really good. I am at marvel at the way the President leads us. He is so sensitive to the spirit. We were about to start and he was standing there and was pondering. He then said we need to say a prayer. He prayed and he prayed with sincerity of  his heart. It could be felt. He then shared with us, how he prays everyday for inspiration to lead us, guide us, find these souls, and to help us missionaries as individuals grow and develop in the gospel. He then changed his original plan and taught us according to the spirit. I know that God has called a living prophet who in turn has called president day to guide us here.
Lots of love and Gratitude from this Elder!
Elder Townsend

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