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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Well I'll be sent home early! (That is by three days Dec. 15th) Also I got a phone call from President Day... He gave me a new calling... I will be moving to a spot that is a secret right now (Hint is one of my old areas) to train a fresh little missionary from the MTC! I am so excited. It was weird at first, almost unreal because I have wanted to train since the beginning of my mission, but never had the privilege till right now! So this thursday I get to pick up the cute little (or big) Elder this Friday! I am excited I get to teach this missionary how to do work! I am also excited he can teach me the newest things from the Prophet and apostles. Get excited to see the new addition to our family next week!
Chou dou fu (Stinky tofu aka bean curd) really good. It was in a soup type thing. Had mushrooms and other stuff which I have no what it was. ha Just add spice and call it good!
Next is Avacado milk. Its amazing! Take an avacado, milk, sugar. wallah! Magic.
Well this last week, I was enveloped in service which is feeling great! We took all these books, (probably can easy make a small library out of all of them.) and moved them outside to be taken to the dump or something. Its one small step. There house nasty and destroyed so we'll continue to help them out and see if it can help some of her kids come back to church.
This week we had a water balloon volleyball it was really funny to watch them try to fling a water balloon from a towel. it was a little hard for them but they enjoyed the time to be able to play together.

The Li brothers. They are doing fantastic! The oldest li hao is eating up the book of mormon. He is really thinking about the things it says. Li cai lin The youngest is hilarious as always. Still the same as connor and cooper. Just can talk forever. They are the three boys in the picture with me. I will really miss them. They are fun to talk to and try to keep them in order. Ha the more we share the better they get. The Gospel is slowly changing them. They are still beating each other up and being well boys, but they seem more receptive. They still love Jesus which is awesome and their love for him is growing everyday.
Next is gao chen ai zhen. She is the family with the adorable little kids in it. She loves church. Still learning slowly, but is moving forward. We invited her to be baptized and she is willing, but she is worried about her husband, she actually, on her own free will tried to get him to study the gospel, however, her husband had in the past some bad conflict with other church missionaries (one of them was his aunt) so he is not too excited. He is still willing to let her study and come to church but might be a little bit strict at some other parts, we will just have to see.
Well this last week as we went running, doing the pre-run stretch I noticed this 23 year old man and I felt impressed to talk to him but I kind of pushed that feeling away making excuses. As we started to make our run I felt it again so I decided I would talk to him when we get back to him. Well talking to him went really well, he actually was studying the gospel last year but got busy with some things. He gave me his address and we said we would come visit him. So we did and he was great. He likes the feelings of prayer and is willing to learn again. We have a lot still to share and he is willing to try again so it will be a happy thing. I am just grateful that I was sensitive enough that early to go and talk again, I need to be quicker to react but I am grateful the lord is willing to lead us to people, day or night or really early in the morning.
Lots of Love

Elder Townsend

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