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Saturday, October 6, 2012

I am back!!!

Hello So first My new son is Elder Martin Seneca! He is from Virginia, he went to West point before came out on his mission! He is super humble (not more than me of course) His chinese is also amazing so I am pretty jealous he already has that head start. Oh and since I have to move I have the beautiful privilege to move back to North Taidong! MY first area where I was trained. ha A lot of members thought I was lying when I told them I was moving back. Zhang mama (The super old sister who is my best friend She is 90ish I think.) Well she got so excited to see me and jumped up and down it was great!
Wow! I can't really believe I am back. Its feelings of excitment, nervousness, inadequency, and well joy. This week we didn't have much of an opportunity to serve in our area due to travelling. However, we were still able to see miracles! Friday night we had set a goal of finding a new investigator on Saturday. So on Saturday when we were about to go find this brother, we talked about what he is like, (Dad, has a kid, and other little things) and then we said a prayer asking to find this person. Well as we were riding bikes past a barbershop noticed a man in there by himself and we decided to go talk to him. Well he turns out to be the most amazing man, the man who we asked God to put in our path. He is really willing and willing to be baptized as well. He is already talking about changing his work schedule so he can attend church. Also at the end he kept mentioning how we are "different" from others and he likes it.
My companion is amazing elder ever. He is so excited about the work. He is so willing, humble, and (in the words of Elder Relyea and Sister Day) a sweetheart. He is really giving. I feel like I am inadequent to have such an awesome companion. We get along well. Right now the biggest struggle is learning how to teach together, actually contact together, so this week we will be practicing that and continue to see miracles!

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