This week was filled with many blessings and miracles. Some of which we have not quite seen the end result of our work yet however as President Uchtdorf has mentioned and mentioned many times before enjoy the journey.


Elder Bowler from previously had taught me a fun new way to eat noodles. Peanut butter spicy noodles! Its pretty good and something I will continue to do.
Kimchi (Pao cai) Its a korean pickled spicy vegetable and it is awesome. Can add it to lots of things but it is one of my favorites.


This I was so excited for many things. It feels a lot of things from the beginning of conference have start to come forth. For example Elder Seneca and I found one of the COOLEST houses. Its painted up with waves, has surfboards and surf pictures all over it and just looks like a chill place. We have tried to knock it but no had answered. Well this last week we had gotten fang'd and we were trying to think of what what we can do right now. Well the next day we had to go to hualian for a meeting so we went and grabbed our jackets while we were over there we decided to go visit a recent convert, as we were going I felt that wasn't right so we said a prayer. In the prayer we felt like we should go over to an Less Active's house so we did. We shared a message and left as we left all the garbage came out because the Garbage truck is coming. Well that Less Active happens to live by the surfer brother and guess what? He was outside! We started to talk to him. One of the nicest people ever. Really down to earth, with a family and does what his heart wants to do. Well in conclusion he said we could come back and have a nice little chat with him! I am so excited and so grateful that we listen to spiritual promptings and did acted according to it.

Well we also had a training meeting in Hualian which was sweet because for an hour of it we just got to go out and find! It feels so good to find. I was partnered up with Elder Miller (he is from Georgia). Well we saw some pretty sweet miracles. We used lots of different ways and saw even more blessings and found the people we prayed for. We found a mom that was at work, but we asked if we could give her the marriage issue from last year of the liahona. We then asked her if we could teach her family and she said that would be great. We also found some more but the Lord opened up blessings for us.


This week we started to teach a new family, The You family! They are pretty great, they have two little boys, difference of a year, and rowdy as can be. Brother You has an eye disease and is starting to go blind. He has lost a lot eye sight. His wife is really awesome and is super caring of him. Well we taught them the message of the Restoration and they understood it. They realized the difference for some parts and they are good! They are also willing to start family prayers. We had taught Brother You prayer before so we asked his wife. She was nervous but did a great job! Just need to keep praying the Lord will soften their heart and the Lord will confirm the truthfullness of the message.

Still working with some other good brothers like Liu sheng wen and nian cong ming. Sheng wen said that we wants his little boy to grow up in the church. He knows that the church has the positive influence on his child that he wants him to have. He thinks all the kids that grow up around the little temples come out bad and doesn't want his son to be like that. Bro. Nian is doing well. We have found some interesting discoveries but as how it looks like now is still ok and won't have any problems getting baptized. We did however make a discovery that his sister in law is a less active. So hopefully we can get her back to church and  her husband Bro. Nian's older brother!

Before this general conference and since the beginning of the transfer I pray everyday that the Lord will allow the two of us to see a baptism. That the Lord can pour his spirit out that these people may be baptized unto repentance. 
Now during this last planning weekly planning session we had made it a goal to get in contact with all investigators and invite them to come. Also those who we could, give them a conference talk to spark their interest. Well we decided to call Bro. Liu. Bro. Liu hadn't been progressing. He had a baptismal date from before, but it wasn't looking at all as a date. He told us as we met with that he "needed some time". He had a few concerns (afraid if he left his church they could talk bad about him and he likes a sister in the branch who he likes) and the things we tried to share with him didn't quite seem to enter into his heart. However he did say he liked our church services. Well we gave him a call and he said he would come attend the saturday session of General Conference.
Well the first session started and he scuttled in and took a seat near me. He intentively listened as the talks were being given and the spirit testified of the truthfulness. At the end of the first session we talked about it. He said he really was touched by the messages that were shared. He particulary pointed out the member of the 70 who talked about his little son passing away and the feelings he had the trials he worked to overcome. Bro. Liu than related the principle to himself. Also he mention President Uchtdorf's talk about death and finding joy in life, gaining a true purpose. Quickly after this discussion he asked us how to get baptized. Just like Elder Nelson's talk ask a missionary. Again quickly after he shared when can I get baptized? I said after he has heard our messages. Then he said today he couldn't but next week he could be baptized.
Then said he was busy the rest of the day and left. However later on he came back and watch the priesthood session. I asked him if he was busy. He said yes but its ok. I trully do know the Lord will answer prayers. If we plan with the spirit, pray for the spirit, and do as we say with the spirit, the Lord will open doorways and can bless us to see his hand in his work because He lives.
Lots of Love from Elder Townsend on the Island of Taiwan off the Coast of Mainland China.