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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello! Oct. 28th

Well this week I believe we saw some pretty special miracles. The first is when I was on exchanges with Elder Nelson. Neither of us can sing as angels from on high, but as we were contacting this lady we felt impressed to sing, "I am a Child of God". It brought the spirit, gave a direction, soften the heart of this person, and she actually started singing with us. It was pretty touching to watch the spirit work through that pure simple truth.
The next one would have to be is that as we were going about doing good someone let us work on their farm! It was great, even though they aren't new investigators, that act of service, let us have the spirit so that we were guided to the prepared soul. We planted lettuce and the lady we were helping asked how we planted so fast. She was impressed by our skills and I just replied its from working on my grandma's garden when I was little. She loved it.
This week we had family home evening with the You family. We shared a nice little message about Heavenly Father. We also shared a new game with them. UNO. They are addicted. The kids love it. They even brought it to church on Sunday. Its really funny even though kids can only talk about playing UNO now, I think that sister You is addicted. Watching her play was funny. She started getting pretty intense into it.
This week Elder Slawson and I went to a remote part of my area called ruiyuan. We a little past is a place called ruihe. The train only stops there maybe 3 times a day. Well we went up and we met with a member who took us around to go spread the good word. We saw lots of people and they were all so great. We met one man who's name is fuxing which is the same fuxing for restoration (Restoration of the gospel) Coincidence? Maybe but we wants to learn the message of the Book of Mormon. So hopefully we can get back up there to share with him.
Well love all of you lots!
ELder Townsend

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