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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Na Ai ho November 4th

Na Ai ho.
That's a little amis. Zhang mama has been so gracious to take it upon herself to teach me amis and feeding us snails. Aren't I a blessed young man?
As I just mentioned Zhang mama cooked up some sea slugs for us. I have to admit they were awesome. Zhang mama has got me hooked. Her food is awesome. Also The Hou family had us over for dinner. They are amazing. I love this family so much. Well what they had us make were these little seaweed wraps. They were really good and fun.
This last week we put for a lot of effort to find and teach. We probably taught more families than we ever have before. I know the Lord wants us to teach families, but He also has reminded us of the individual member is so precious. This week we found Brother Yang. Planning, prayer, and opening our mouthes put us in his path. We were going to Ning Bo street. I saw this young man talking on the phone, thought about talking to him but he seemed a little engaged in a phone call, right after I passed by he hung and Elder Seneca stopped. We started to sharing the Gospel and shared a prayer with him. He felt the spirit so strongly and wanted it. His soul hungered for it. We invited him to pray and he said that he could express gratitude and his prayer was amazing. Everytime we have meet we have a spiritual lesson and he wants it. His previous background from when he was younger was leading down a dark and dangerous path, getting involved gangs, and dealings with it, but decided to leave and now he wants to help protect people as military man. He still has a way to go, but I know the Lord is watching over him. 
Another great miracle was that we set a solid baptismal date with the You family. Elder Seneca and I were so thrilled! Bro. You was funny he said he could get baptized this weekend but his wife might need some time which is ok. It was almost as if he wanted to get baptized first. He has had a complete change. Still has some of his old little Bro You quirks (Random english moments) but now he wants the Gospel in his life and to change. In church I asked the members if there would be any volunteers who would read the scriptures to Bro. You (Because of his eyesight is almost gone) and our Elder's Quorum president volunteered. I am excited! Also an other Brother from the Branch told us he had the Chinese Book of Mormon on tape so we will also try that as well! So grateful for an amazing Branch who is willing to support this family.
Spiritual Message
Lately I have been studying the Atonement of Christ and answering the question "why do I need Jesus Christ?" I am enjoying the answers I am finding. One of is Mosiah 5.8 We are made free. Christ paid the debt so we can be free from sin, the feelings of sin, fear, doubt, and loneliness. God blesses us spiritually. Those are the greatest blessings he gives. Of course we can still receive other blessings but they are all for spiritual blesses. If we maintain good health and are blessed with more, how much easier is it to have the spirit communicate messages from our father in heaven?
ELdre Townsend

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