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Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello!!! Nov.18th letter

First off Congrats to Condorian! That's awesome! President Day called and told me about your call. That's pretty exciting. I am sure you will there was I have here develop an enormous love for the people. They are for the mass majority of them very lovable!
Well Elder Seneca saw many miracles and lots of miracles in the making! I don't know where we can start, but I think the greatest miracle for me this week now reflecting upon it is how the Lord loves these people of Taidong more than anything else. Whether from helping our family we are with to prepare for baptism and have the whole ward showing their love for them. The District President spent half an hour after church talking with bro. you about the blessings of the gospel and how they resolve our family problems. The You family is really doing amazing. They are close they are having spiritual experiences and really growing. They still need prayers and some distance before they get baptized but its just around the corner.  
Then another blessing is we are working with a less active and returning member and they are providing referrals or referrals in the making. It is sparking the flame of faith in their hearts.
Finally we ran into a 25 year old less active american who wants to get his life back in order. It might not look like much here in the email, but listening to him talk about his life and the inspiration it took us to lead us to him is simply put amazing. I trully believe the Spirit led us. We were obedient, worked according to Preach My Gospel and the scriptures and we had the spirit. The Lord let us be agents and if something wasn't right he told us. How great is that?
There is so much that went on but I am running out of time. However I just want to share how my testimony of the Savior has grown as I bear testimony of him. Heavenly father knows all us and Christ perfectly understands us.
ELder Townsend

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