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Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello Pirate Mateys! Nov.18th

To all of my fellow mateys aboard the ship to paradise,


We have a missionary, Elder Bowler who taught me a while back about peanut butter noodles with hot sauce so this Sunday I made it for the singles in our ward. At first they were scared of it but after trying it they went nuts on it they loved it. 


Taiwan had its second annual surf contest down here in taidong. We saw a few aussies and all the other good crowd. Of course we didn't go to the actual event but if you have a chance, check it out on the web or something. I heard it was good. 


Well Things are going well here in Taidong! We had some changes, but we are still going good! We were planning the You family getting baptized this weekend, but they will be gone on that date so they moved their date a week back. Brother You has been really worried about being baptized so he keeps checking he has a baptismal date. I'm not worried that he will forget. 
Well I think one of the biggest miracles this week was one of our investigators Yang cai jun brought his older brother to church to meet with us. At first his older brother was skeptical and hesitant about coming in, but as we shared the message we had planned this dear brother felt the spirit. He was feeling the spirit and said that this plan, the plan of Salvation answered quite a few questions he had in heart. However he lives in Taizhong so we couldn't continue to meet with him personally. On Sunday I get a random phone call and it is from him our investigator's brother! He told me he just got out of church and loved it. He said he was so grateful to come in contact with the church and so grateful that he could meet us so he could meet the missionaries over there. It was gentle reminder that the Lord has his way of bringing all his children into the church. Even though I won't continue to teach him I am so grateful that the Lord has given us that opportunity and privilege to teach him for the first time. 

The next miracle I would like to share is about our investigator Sister Zhang. We gave her homework to do and she didn't do it. She told us all of her challenges and how it has been really stressing her out. She shared how she was scammed by someone. She was trying to decide what to do and she has been praying about it and has been receiving some answers which gave her a bit more stress because she is not sure what to do now that she has these answers. However I knew the homework we gave her had some answers to resolve these current problems. Well we did what preach my gospel says, read it with her. We helped her apply the homework to her current situation and mention that as we do the simple things and read the scriptures the lord will help us resolve concerns. Well in the last day and a half after that she read 12 chapters in the Book of Mormon. Teaching and testifying of the Book of Mormon will change the hearts of investigators. She learned from experience that the Book of Mormon can help us resolve concerns. 

Well lots of other things happened, but I forgot what. However despite my typing skills I know the Lord is leading this work and He loves us so much he lets us average people who make mistakes to carry forth his work. How wonderful is that? The most powerful being in the universes lets us, lets us participate in His purpose to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. I think that means we better not forget to acknowledge who really is doing this work.

Lots of love!

Elder Townsend

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