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Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! Nov. 25th

Well this week wasn't a diamond crystal clear (or perfect in any many or form), but I believe its helping cut clear and clean of those who are prepared and how we can improve ourselves. We just get back up and go for it again. Overall the Lord does bless us. This week was a good example of being grateful. It taught me how be grateful for all of the things I do have despite of our challenges we are facing. We hit some major road blocks, but the Lord pick us up and lifted us over in the end. I felt the importance of the sacrament this sunday. One as I pondering I thought of how the sacrament is renewing our covenant of baptism, how at baptism it represents the Savior's Atonement and resurrection. How I truly can become a new. A Scripture came to mind I believe its 3 Nephi 12.47 old things are done away, all things are made anew. That's it I can just start over again and keep doing the Lord's work. It was a peaceful moment.

Going out with Elder Ruan (Member of the 70 in the Asian District) to go visit some less active members was an interesting experience. I was expecting him to share a spiritual message that would motivate them, dust the dirt and whatever burden was keeping them from coming to church, and get them back to church. However, he got to know them, said we miss you at church and welcome you back, and finally said a closing prayer and said good bye. At first, sitting there, I was wondering what he was doing how come he hasn't shared some super message, I watched him as he sat there listened to the spirit and reacted with we hope to see you at church, christmas is coming up and hope you can celebrate with us the birth of Christ our savior. After however, he talked about all the missionary finding opportunities and ward members could provide a particular service for this member. I was so impressed how he used every resource and the spirit to help him find. He was an amazing example of finding. I was something I am going to able to my work.
This week we met an older couple who are willing to study the gospel. They really have some challenges in their lives to say the least. Bro. Gu was really humble and wants to find christ and a way to have it last the rest of his life. The amazing part was that he found us. I rode by him waving and he quickly called us back. We go talk to him and invites us into his home. Bro. Gu is such a sweet little aborigine man.
Well one exciting piece of news is the You family will have their baptismal service this week. I am really excited and a little anxious. I really don't want Satan to eat them. They are a good family and have been through a lot so I hope we might forth our effort and heart to help them unto christ. This is the way and I am grateful to be part of their conversion.
Well lots of love to all of you!
Elder Townsend

The pictures are of our district in guanshan climbing on the shark and the other is of member's house that he has builting onto. It was sweet! 

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