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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last piece of parchment

Hello Everyone.
Well this is my last official online email. Time flies right? I still feel like I'll just continue on here and that I am not going home. The reality hasn't quite struck yet. Maybe when I get to Utah and my feet hit the snow it will all come down on me. It is really hard to leave this people. They have become my family and my friends. They are so dear to me. Spending countless prayers in their behalf and welfare and now to get up and leave that is really hard. However we still have great communication tools, facebook and all that new stuff that I haven't even laid eyes on yet. Yikes another shock, I won't know how to use any of those things.

On Saturday we had a fireside and they ask me to share a bit and bear testimony. As I reflected upon all those things and talk about charity and how a mission is so powerful I got a little emotional. I think that's the real first time I have shed a tear in front of a Taiwanese person, not to mention a chapel of them. It was truly a blessing to realize the love I have for this people and the love has for them as well. Hey it was ok because I wasn't the only one who was feeling it. Charity is the point of all of it. Love is the whole reason. As Christ has said without charity we are nothing. That's it. I am glad I Got to experience in a very small matter how precious these souls are and what charity means. I still have a lot to learn but I am excited to continue to learn.
The Lord gave us a lot of time to find this week. Elder Seneca spent a lot of time out on the pavement and visiting people potientals doing whatever we could to find families and new investigators. It was a bit hard at times, but we kept pushing. I feel the Lord in the end did bless us for our effort. Again how it always turns out Sunday Night 8 PM rolls around and still nothing. Well I felt prompted to go visit a potiental. We go to visit him and he wasn't there. However his girlfriend was, as we took the opportunity to contact her, the potiential comes back, we talk to him, and he tells us he is busy. However he told us his brother lives in the same building so he took us down to meet him. We start meeting with his brother and his girlfriend. His brother shared with us at one point in his life how he is really interested in baptism. We continue to share and by the end both of them accepted the baptismal invite to be baptized. How wonderful to find two willing people to study the gospel and accept our invite. Its a blessing that his brother took us to him. I really think the Lord does lead us through others. In that case, he lead us by the hand. Asking for referrals does work, it just needs time and patience, but will bring forth fruit at one point.
We had other great miracles, from Sister Zhang setting a baptismal date, and her kids ridding their bikes over to church with us, and just enjoying all the lord has given us. I definitely feel blessed and made so many great friends that will last pass this life. I know christ lives and he walks with us, He is leading a prophet today. The Book of Mormon and the Bible are the word of God and interwine together to confound the wise and is at the cornerstone of my testimony. Joseph smith did see God the father and the Son jesus Christ who through him restored the fulness of the Gospel. I see more witnesses come to this truth everyday. God's work will never stop, just because I am going home the Lord wont stop.
Lots of
Elder Townsend

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