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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week 1 Mission Letter

Ni men hao!
Wo feichang hao! (I'm extremely good) Everything is going great, the first few days in MTC were crappy. the thought of why am I here always popped in my head, but now since I made it through sunday, its been pretty great! I try to remember to live in the moment rather than "ah two years from now will be nice" Chinese is going well. I feel pretty great when the other tong ban (companions) ask me questions.  Wo de tongban jiao Elder Wyatt. He's from Ephraim. He's almost 22 and a great guy. I am lucky to have him so that I might be able to focus on principles. The other two tong ban in the district are Elder white and vandenberghe. Vandenberghe is Morgan's cousin (Friend). They are obsessed with the chopsticks I gave them. Its hillarious they say if they can't eat with chopsticks they won't eat at all! We also have to jie mei (sisters) in our district as well. Its a blessing to ahve sisters in the district they bring a different spirit in. SThe other day during district meeting a bird flew into a window wihile the branch pres was talking. ha Two sisters who came in the week before who joined our district were sitting across from the window and witnessed it. One of the sisters was oh a bit traumatized for the day. The bird lived. We went down and checked to see if it was still there after the meeting.
Since I am a missionary now I should give you a thought of the day...
Enduring to the end does not mean hold out till the last day. Rather Enduring to the End means being strong in the beginning, strong in the middle, and accomplished in the end.
Love Elder Townsend (Tang zhang lao)
 Elder Christoffersen Scott Townsend
MTC Mailbox # 228
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

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