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Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 3! Can't believe how fast it's going...only 101 weeks or 23 months to go!

So like I said there isn't much that goes on in the mtc. We had a couple of great speakers, they said some great things and we just loved life. Deng zhang lao (elder vandenberghe) has been sneaking around lately. We have started to play this game with an apple. The game goes if you wake up in the morning with the apple in your bed, you have to bust the trays at breakfast. Deng spent twenty minutes getting out of his bed onto the floor, then crawling to my bed and back to his bed without anyone noticing. If someone is going to be that crazy to waste their sleeping time I don't mind busting their tray.
At the mtc we have what we call the trc. It's where we missionaries go to have missionary situations. We have to contact and meet people in chinese. It gets pretty hard at times. after we go and meet one of those people we contacted and teach them a lesson. Its such a crazy experience but the spirit is unreal. It strengthens mine. I don't know if they are real investigators or not (most likely not) but it doesn't matter because its not about that its about how we can help that individual, that soul feel the spirit.
Anyways nothing new on this front. It will get exciting in two months from today. :)
Spiritual thought...
Helaman 5
Two things to ALWAYS remember. Crucial.
1. Words of king benjamin saying the only way for man to be saved is through the Atonement
2. One must build his foundation upon the rock of our Redeemer, our testimony must be based on Him. If it is not we will come crashing down.
There are other things as well but its up to you to find them. I know Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and his love is the greatest of all. i have felt it before now and I know i will in the future. I have become stronger now the more I reflect upon it everyday.
Lots of love,
Elder Townsend


  1. I love reading his letters! He sounds like he is doing great. I'm so proud of Buster!...I mean Elder Townsend:)

  2. Betsy's kids were so excited with the picture Elder Townsend drew them and they loved his name in Chinese characters.