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Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 2 Mission Letter

Ni men hao!
Time goes a lot faster after being in the mtc for almost two weeks. I've come to realize that nothing really exciting happens in the mtc.the most exciting thing we do is give deng zhang lao a hard time. He knows everything meaning Politics. Dinosaurs. Cereal. North American Wildlife. SO to us, everything. He flips when we talk about incorrect terms of dinosaurs or any sort of view that opposest the conservative view. His most quotable line, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME ELDER?!!" Good old elder white helps with this. Right now we are trying to get Deng zhang lao to give one of the sisters in our zone a picture and tell her to write him. Its a work in progress.
I have come to realize that there are five things missionaries look forward to 1. Gym 2. SUndays 3. temple trips 4. LETTERS 5. devotionals. Exciting life right? So help keep the excitement write us letters!
Chinese is going well, I'm realizing it is a very different chinese from what I learned in high school. Its fun but incredibly hard. now I can pray, bare testimony, and contact. Doesn't mean we are very good at it.
Also send to us they get here quick and they are nice to have some love from everyone.
Gospel message of the day/week comes from Elder Holland who spoke this last week. (Elder Holland is amazing and talks straight to the heart)
After Christ's death the apostles didn't know what to do. SO they did the only thing they knew how to do. Go fish. After fishing all night and not catching anything they saw a stranger on the beach. He asked them how their fishing was and told them to cast their nets on the other side. so they did. They caught so many fish it almost sank their boat. John realized it was the savior. Peter, knowing it was the Savior, jumped over board and swam to the beach while the other apostles brought their boats in. The Savior, being the loving and caring example, had made them breakfast. During the breakfast they were talking to the Savior. The Savior turns to peter and asks him do you love me more then your boats, fish, and oars? Peter replies yes Savior, thou knows I love thee. Savior asks again. Again Peter says, I love thee more than those. The Savior asks again. Peter at this time is having a hard time with receiving messages in three. Savior, thou knowest I love thee more than all those things. The Savior replies. then feed my sheep. If you love me more than those things why haven't you been diong the work I have sent you to do? Peter from that time forth became the greatest missionary ever to walk the face of the earth. The people were trying to get in his shadow just to feel the power and authority from that man. I too want to be as peter. Having the power and authority as he did but more importantly showing the Savior I love him more than anything by feeding his sheep.
Elder Townsend

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