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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter or Fuhuo Jie which means Resurrection Day

Zao an,
First Congrats to everyone with the mission calls! That is awesome! Enjoy your time in the MTC. The MTC is crucial. All the ancient prophets and missionaries went as well. We have Almulek, Alma spent some time at his house and had angels come visit. Hmm... Sounds a lot like the MTC... Even our Savior, Jesus Christ, also spent 40 days with God in which he fasted and prayed. I can't believe how much of a time difference we have. The Prophet Joseph Smith had the Camp of Prophets (I think that's what it is called)(school of the prophets) and some of the best church leaders and missionaries came out of that camp. 
Also, congrats to all the other amazing accomplishments.

I am starting to think my body is finally realizing that the time zones are different.

Well Happy Easter! Easter was yesterday for us and you would have never had known if you hadn't gone to church and even then it was a huge thing. We had Branch Conference and since we are a branch the Mission President came down and spoke. Ha- I love President Grimley. So, thankful that Heavenly Father can assign a man like that to help me begin my mission.
Easter here is called fuhuo jie which means resurrection day. I thought it was pretty sweet that what it means is exactly why we celebrate. No hidden meaning. Straight to the point.

Quick Recap of the week and any needed elaboration.
Monday was as always Preparation Day. We went golfing! Luckily for me they had ONE left handed club. A number 7. Pretty good, felt nice to swing a club.
Tuesday went to Yuli. We had companion exchanges and I was pared up with Elder Lusupudan. He is an Aborigine. Super fun. We went out contacting and I saw this kid, probably in high school since he was still wearing his uniform. (I think the uniforms here are actually pretty cool.) I started teaching and it went great. Apparently his family had met with the missionaries the night before but he wasn't there so it all was good. He was willing to be baptized.
Later I saw an older women pushing a baby and I decided to contact her. Went great and she really likes the things the church teaches about family and the things that they do. Hopefully that will go all well!
I also that night anointed a blessing in Chinese. Weird how I have to do everything in Chinese. Pretty soon I'll forget the English... Maybe?
Thursday we ate at our Branch Mission Leader's Restaurant because he had to cancel the night before so he rescheduled it for today. So good!
 We also met this older guy Li. He was awesome. He pulled some chairs from out of his house and we taught a lesson right there on the spot. Agreed to baptism, set a date, and today we will meet with him again!
Friday we contacted all day pretty good and met lots of people. Set up lots of appointments but none of them showed up on Saturday.
Trials and adversity brings about rewards. 2 Nephi 2:1-2, Lehi talking to Jacob about how he has suffered much from his brothers and having been born in the wilderness. He said the Lord will consecrate thy afflictions for thy gain. Remember- the trials and the hard times will let us receive a better reward in the long run. We might not know why things are they way they are, but I do know that Lord plans on making those experiences if we handle them well, an eternal reward. A reward where we might be able to help someone else in this life.
I want to thank all of you for your example, support, and love. I pray daily for you and your safety. You all have made my privilege of coming to serve a mission such a blessing and make all those rough times of rejection, and sadness for the people a burden easy to bear.
Elder Townsend

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