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Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 3

Le ho!
Awe! It has been an interesting week! On Monday we went to the National Museum of Prehistory, I loved it! Except, it was prehistory, so we probably should have taught the law of chastity to a lot of the statues. Next time we'll be bringing shirts and pants. So many cool things! I basically believe that some of the natives here descend from Hagath. AKA they are part Nephites. They don't know where they are from but they are just here!
On Tuesday, I had a pretty cool experience, my companion decided that he would make phone calls and I could stand on the corner and contact people. Yippee!!.. Contacting is not my favorite. It’s just crazy and I hardly understand them sometimes. They didn't teach me that stuff in the MTC!
 Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they speak taiyu or Chinese. Everyone speaks taiyu. Anyways, I took a deep breath and said a quick prayer. I then pictured the Savior standing at my side as I was about to contact. It was amazing and a miracle! People pulled over for me and I was able to share the message. It was cool to think the difference it made to have the Savior by me as I contacted. We had another cool miracle. We went to visit the wu, the daolu laoren (Mainland china old man); he wasn't home so as we were leaving I suggested we visit our other friend on the floor below. He was home and we shared a message and help answer his questions. It was really powerful and it was something he needed. He has so many doubts and we are just trying to answer and guide him along the way.

Wednesday. This basically turned to a service day. We went to Feiyu's (Flying fish, he is an Aborigine) He lives in the mountains and it overlooks the sea. SO AMAZING! It’s unreal. Anyway, his wife told me I could come back there one day I just had to bring my future wife. I am ok with that. So he is building his own house and he had a ton of broken concrete we needed to move from his house down to a little path. It was definitely hard work. It was such a sunny and bright day. We had a lunch break and there was a chicken foot... Feiyu told me that he only gives the chicken foot and chicken jelly (Basically chicken fat, it’s like fish oil) to his best friend and that happened to be me. So I got over the nasty feeling of feeling the chicken nails scratch against my face and the chicken skin and went to town. Surprisingly the chicken foot was pretty good. I liked it. haha The chicken jelly on the other hand, another day. Finished working saw wild monkeys and other animals. It was great.
Taught Jiang xing han, hermie, the kid is golden.

Thursday went to Hualian and had a zone leader meeting obviously I am not a leader but my companion is. I therefore had to go. I sat in the meeting and it was really good and I got to contribute! That's where my spiritual thought comes from. They were talking about sanctification. What is Sanctification? Sanctification to me is willing to give up the worldly things, taking upon the cross, and most importantly allowing the Holy Ghost to purify us from sin. Sanctification is purification. We are gold. We must go through the refiners fire completely immerged in it to remove all the draws, impurities. As we do so, the Savior will move us and more importantly he will mold us into what he wants us to become. Then one day when we see the Savior again he will say,"Oh thou beautiful instrument of my hands, come unto me and abide with me." I know the Savior will shape us into what he wants us to be.

Loved General Conference! All so great and I challenge all of you to watch and read ALL of it. There are so many things we can apply. Use Elder Holland's talk to guide you.
Sunday we had one of our best investigators drop us for no reason, he loved church. It sucked.
Anyways lots of love and Remember God knows and loves you individually!

Elder Townsend

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