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Thursday, July 7, 2011

God Bless America!

Awe at this moment I am dearly missing the good old USA! But its ok I'll rep the states over here in Taiwan so I am planning on throwing references of our land of freedom with everyone I talk with. I think it will go great.

Well this last week was pretty great, just saw miracles all around and some rough things as well. 
First blessing and sad thing is we dropped Wong. Found out that he had been lying to us, had no interest whatsoever, and only wanted american friends. Kind of figured as much but it didn't make any sense though, because he would come to church every Sunday. It was rough, but it was a pretty spiritual experience. Straight testimony mostly. I think the only bad part was when our member lin chao wei said, "mission fail, game over" waste of time... Yeah I think that hit wong pretty hard. Still love him but its his choice not listen to the gospel. Told him we would be waiting for him if and when he decides comes back. After the prayer, he got up and said mission fail with some tears in his eyes and left. Lin chao wei shared a great testimony, but I think due to one stupid thing said it killed the spirit and offended him for when the spirit was the strongest. 

Well we did meet a lot of new people, for example we meet this guy and we thought he was amazing, he reads the scriptures everyday, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, and The Bible everyday. Find out he is inactive but he wants his wife baptized so they can go together to church. So I think it was a great blessing in disguise because we are reactivating an amazing member and helping his wife at the same time. 
This week we went up to hualian again. During the lesson we were teaching baptism and just asked him what he thought baptism was and he said it was to get rid of past mistakes. He had never heard of that before from us or anyone. It was the spirit reminding him that these things are true. 
While in Hualian I got to go out with my old mtc companion Elder Wyatt and contact! Ha it was fun, Hadn't seen him and it was cool to see the both us, from practicing everyday to out on the streets doing the real thing.

Finally, The saddest thing for me is that of 13 year old Shen hong yu. He broke his finger a couple of weeks ago. Had surgery this last weekend. Well this weekend he had to go back. Apparently the surgery went bad and his finger is pretty much dead. That is horrible. 
I can't even imagine how much he is going through right now. 13 and about to lose a finger. He is going up to taipei to see if they can save it. Yet despise all of this he doesn't complain and he is staying strong. Just trying to support him. Its funny the first thing he said to us when we saw him was That he couldn't read scriptures. Ha just laughed because he was more worried about reading scriptures than losing his finger. Thankful for our country and the doctors there.
Lots of love.
Elder Townsend

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