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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hello World!
Wow, the Work was good this week. It was cool to watch a few people really fall in love with the Gospel. The friend I want to introduce you to is (Joe) qiu. We meet him on Monday and we started to get to know him and we started teaching him the first lesson. Elder Riches and I started to feel like we were teaching a lesson and not teaching him so we started asking him questions about his life and just started to get to know him. From there we were able to teach him and invite him to baptism. He accepted the invitation to come unto Christ and I think that is such a miracle.
 Later that week he came English class and meet with us again that week. We talked about faith, why we need, and how it applies to him. He seemed like he really understood it and enjoyed it. Usually you can tell when understand it or they don't. Even when you ask them if they understand it and they say yes, they probably don't understand it so have to follow up with another question. When we did this he really understood. We also invited him to church. He was so excited. ha the best part was that he was really nervous on what he should wear. Ha He wanted to match the dajia. (Big family, everyone here in Taiwan is a big family and they also use dajia as a greeting for a bunch of people.) We followed up with him on saturday about coming to church and he asked again about what his clothes should look like. ha He came to church and loved it. I have never seen an investigator enjoy church so much. Despite all the distractions (running around kids, screaming, speakers using advanced church terms, etc) he loved sacrament meeting. What was cool was the gospel principles class talked about keeping the sabbath. This was going to be a big one for him. His job is in insurance and insurance is rough business down here, they work like crazy all the time, but no one ever buys. So we thought he was planning on going to work after church but he said he wasn't. I truly believe the class was answer. He had a spiritual experience and he now wants to keep it that way. 
Well this week we said good bye to Yu rui. He is moving to tiao yuan. Its up near Taipei. Keep praying he will figure things out (Go out and do something rather than waste his life behind a computer.) and will one day go on a mission.
This week we also had a giant miracle. We meet with Lai dixiong and we ask hou dixiong if he could come along and accompany our lesson. It was really good, We tied in how prophets teach repentance and how repentance really fits in our lives. He feels his biggest problem is repentance. He really opened up and told us how before he had no desire to go to church because his wife would come back from church and tell him he was the devil, etc, etc. Not sure how much of it is true, but that seems like a legitimate reason why he never came to church before. 

Anyways the really cool part, so the taiwanese people are really superstitious about dreams. They believe they come alive and stuff. Well Hou dixiong shared a dream that he had awhile ago(probably when lai dixiong first meet the missionaries), that he was supposed to become friends with Lai dixiong, but the problem was they both have crazy work schedules and it is nearly impossible. So in the end, didn't happen. Well Lai dixiong shared that when he first meet with the missionaries his wife asked who he wanted to help him receive baptism by. At the time he just said the branch president because he didn't know anyone. Well, Lai dixiong also had a dream, he dreamed that hou dixiong baptized him in a river. Well both of these men had never told these stories until now. It was way cool and spiritual. I guess we do have to watch our dreams and see what happens with them.
Well lots of love, hope everyone is doing well, keeping pushing along, but more than push along life enjoy it. Follow President Monson's advice on enjoy the journey. I know Jesus Christ lives and he makes the journey one worth bearing with joy.

Elder Townsend

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