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Monday, July 11, 2011

Quit monkeying around!!!

I Thought I needed a title fitting for the pictures. ha but to start off thank you for the letters! Its far and in between they make it easier to know people still exist off this island! I think now I am starting to realize why my dad always wanted a card for his birthday. Opening letters on p-day is like christmas! Being cut off from any communication with all those you love and care about is not too bad, but it is fantastic when you know they still live.
All right! Well this last preparation day we went and saw monkeys! They were so funny. Everyone was a little freaked out by them so you would hear careful careful! You could just hand them bananas and they would take it from you. Also you would toss it to them and they would catch it. Elder peng tried to toss one a banana but he dropped it so he tried it again and this monkey just had butter fingers. Elder Peng started calling the monkey stupid because it couldn't catch a banana. Ha Everything in Chinese is so much funnier. Well after we had a little fun we "splitted" and went to eat some american food to celebrate our nation!
Well now about the people, last week I came across a 17 year old kid who break dances. I shared a little with him and he set up. Well this week we meet with him and he is amazing. He is christian and reads the bible almost everyday. We talked about it and despite being in a kfc (different from ours) we felt the spirit. It was cool at the end he really said something that hit me. He said thanks for reminding me. He specifically used the word to remind. Isn't amazing that we already know these things since we lived with God before, but our job is to be reminded of them? I think that is best feeling when I can see something and it reminds of something before, yet this time I understand it better. When we are here on Earth we are just learning to understand what we have "forgotten" and to try to understand it a little better.
Don't worry, this week wasn't that easy. Wednesday my companion and Elder Peng went to taipei. So Elder Murphy and I took on Taidong by ourselves!!! ha It was cool, but I am thankful that we have many called to work. Anyways I had to teach the advanced and intermediate English class together. Too many kids and too hard. ha
Also this weekend we encountered some strange people like the man who had some chinese music playing and was doing some tap type dance. Not even sure what it was. ha Ran into a Jehovah Witness. Kind of funny, my companion said to him, Hey you are like us! you are wearing missionary clothes." The guy said he was and pulled out a jehovah witness tract. Ah good old jehovah witnesses. Every time I see one they pull out the same scripture which says. I am God. My name is Jehovah. I honestly think that is the only scripture they know. Oh well, came across a few others but hey everyone is entitled to their weirdness.
Remember be happy that's the best way to get people to like you and remember the Savior.
Lots of love,
Elder (B.) Townsend

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