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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I don't think I have any new greetings... Maybe gyao za! Its taiyu for good morning so no way to spell it.
On to better notes this week for Elder Slawson and I as we battled Satan and his minions was a bit difficult. We worked pushed still saw some miracles of course, but it was the easiest. Let's start with miracles...

Tuesday was a rainy cold day about 10 Degrees celsius. Poor Elder Slawson is shivering from head to toe. We decided that we would take the train for safety, health, and well the train is just fun to go to district meeting. As we were walking to zhu bei chapel, we had this older man call out to us. Called us over and we started talking to him. We sat down in an apartment complex's first floor's couches. We started sharing and he said I am old now, I can start learning and follow Jesus Christ. Ha usually people use that as an excuse is that they are too old or when they are old they will study. He believed everything we shared and we committed him to quit smoking right there and gave him a baptismal date. He was a really neat old man. He wasn't like the average old taiwanese grandpa. He in a way talked about the pre existence and everything. He said that all of us have spirits and that our parents of our bodies aren't the parents of our spirits. Our spirits are eternal basically and we can look at life as a right now time schedule. We need to see the big picture or else we will run into a wall and never progress and our soul will never find what it is looking for. Ha it was pretty cool. Elder Slawson and I were pumped. All we did was say hello and pretty soon, Bro. Peng was learning about how to follow Jesus Christ.

We saw other miracles as we went on exchanges and just went out finding. One thing I can do better to remember that everyone has a different situation and some have had things that have prepared them in life to hear the Gospel. For example I got a street lesson's referral. This kid had a hard life, for example, His mom kind of just left when he was little and hasn't seen her, his dad past away in the last couple of years, he lives with his grandparents, Works at pizza shop during the day and goes to school at night (6-10). Now imagine him ever wanting to go to college, finding friends, taking care of his family, etc. I believe the Lord knows his potential and his capability and he trusts him that he can be strong. Obviously that isn't an easy situation in anyway or means but he can really use the Gospel, knowing that he has a plan for him, that he can faith and trust in the Lord.

Well we haven't talked to Ricky Zhuang in over a week and a half now. I don't know what happen. Elder Slawson and Elder Chen met with him and Ricky said he had some family problems come up and from there he disappeared. Its really sad becuase I love this brother so much. He was close to baptism as well. Elder Slawson and I were talking and we discussed about how he had these expectations of the gospel changing him and him not doing anything. He didn't have faith in himself so he didn't have anytime to have faith in God. That was one thing I learned this week. When we don't have faith in ourselves, we don't have faith in God or Jesus Christ because we will consume all our energy and strength on ourselves that we don't leave anytime for the Savior and Lord to work Miracles in our lives.
Last miracle to end on a happy note. We were praying so hard to find someone who is prepared. We were just having trouble after trouble and were just went out and searched. Saw this man and pounced. His name is Solomon wu. Like Solomon in the bible. He was really prepared. He really wanted to read the Book of Mormon and find out if its true. He wanted to try the test in a way. He was looking for answers to questions and they were questions that can only be answered by the Restored Gospel. Unfortunately he lives in the middle of the island in a small town that is not in our area. I guess we'll just let the other missionaries take care of him then!
Well lots of love
Elder Townsend

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