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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Li ho!

Li ho! (Ni hao=hola=hello)
Howdy! Another week on the streets of Taiwan! Saw lots of blessings and miracles. It was an amazing week. Even though we got fang'd 25 times (Fang'd means placed or in this case the investigator bailed ship) we still met lots of greats and had miracles! 
Probably my favorite food of the week has to be the taro mantou. Its taro slush inside of steam bread. Ha it rocked.
This week I went on exchanges with Elder Terry. We had some pretty plans and we went to work. I had set up the boss of a coffee shop to meet with us and we went over there, he was busy but since we were doing what the Lord we would do, he blessed us. As we walked in there was a taller Taiwanese guy maybe 6 feet? He asked us if we wanted to talk about God and of course our response was yes. So he came outside with us where it wasn't so loud, we sat down and started sharing the Good word. He had some interesting thought processes for example he believes Jesus to be from outer space. Not an alien but he was put here from another distant planet. He was good guy, just a little lost in the world and spiritually, but I am not worried, he'll be found.
That same night I met with Bro Jin! (Gold) He is awesome! Ha he is from my old parts of the Island so the east coast of hualian and Taidong! He loves Jesus and is a slow learner. Part of the reason he is a slow learner is because his 3 year old son is nuts. The first time we met His son was pulling his 9 year old sister's hair out who didn't make a noise. He was grabbing everything and throwing it around. This last time we decided to bring a movie to watch with him. It was the Joseph Smith movie. Bro jin was loving it and was really intent on it. didi (little brother) most relax time was when he was drawing and even then he was screaming. Ha they had also been watching avatar the last airbender before we got there so of course he believed he was a ninja and jumping off walls, tv, cupboards, etc. Bro Jin said he used to go to church when they had the two older ones, but when they had the little one... Well they haven't been to church in about 3 years or so we can say. He really believes the Joseph Smith experience particulary because he saw Jesus and Jesus is true. That's what I am talking about!
Also we met some people who aren't as a special as Bro jin's case, but they are still wonderful. We met with a Bro. jian and a Bro. de guang chen. They both were really feeling the spirit. Elder Slawson and I really strove to teach by the spirit. Result, they both reacted underneath the spirit. It was beautiful to watch the transformation of these people. As we helped them realize who their heavenly father is and Jesus christ, they had a change on their face and in their hearts. They believed what we shared so when we shared about baptism it wasn't a problem. The doctrine was easily accepted. I really can't think of too many times where we have had that kind of experience. I guess the Lord wanted us to go through all people just to find those few really good ones. Those prepared souls who are willing to accept now. To act upon our invitations and to move forth. Just goes to prove that the church is true. Our Heavenly Father does love us and His son, Jesus Christ does as well they are always welcoming us back into there arms, we just need to have faith, repent, and follow the example of christ and be baptized.
Daniel huang came again to church in a suit. He looked good, but more importantly he is having good spiritual experiences at church. This week's fast and testimony sacrament was good and were things daniel needs to hear especially in his crazy life. He is working like crazy. He says he has to work to 8 every night this week. Brutal. I think that means he is pulling at least or about a 12 hour shift everyday? Thought your job was hectic, welcome to the average Taiwanese man and woman.
Ricky Zhuang hasn't answered his phone in about a week now. He isn't doing too good. He had some family problems and yeah I don't know. I am just praying that he will rely upon the Lord and we can see him again. It is definitely not an easy culture here in Taiwan to study the gospel. So many forces of opposition pushing from many different directions on these children of God. However, God hasn't forget these people on the isles of sea. They are being found and they are loved.
Well this Gospel is true and brings true happiness. At first we don't see the blessings it pours out upon us but that is because the Lord was us to develop experience, strength, faith, and patience. (Mosiah 23 and 24) Even though bro Jin has crazy kids, that over time and keeping the commandments will him bring a new spirit of love in the home and can help him manage the cute little monster. didi can feel his dad's love for him and that is all because Christ made the inifinite sacrifice for all of us.

With lots of Love,
Elder Townsend. 唐長老

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