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Monday, February 27, 2012

Transfer to the metal jungle!

Well get ready for the news of the past 7 monthes. I am moving! I am actually opening an area in Taipei called neihu with an Elder Montalto. Pretty exciting right?! Its pretty hard to believe and to think I have to leave Elder Slawson, my little friend of the past 4 monthes! However the Lord has blessed us incredible the past week incredibly and this whole entire transfer.
Last week we went to the temple which was an awesome. So that is why my email was later than usual.
Ok for the quick rundown of this last week and the miracles. So this last week we were a bit stressed (I was at least) We weren't doing the best on our goals and it was just a really taxing week with the temple and everything. However as the weekend rolled around the blessings did as well. I met a guy Sony Cai about 4 monthes ago outside his coffee shop and we became pretty good friends. From that day till right now we tried to set up a time to meet and share but never came through until last week. We get the time and it happens. We sit down, pray, and just let the spirit do the work. He was so good. I was so happy. He was talking how as he grew up that he never noticed God until he went to church with some friends and from that period of time till now he has seen God's hand so many times in his life to develop his faith that he is there. Also that as he reads the Bible he feels as if God's trying to tell him a message and sometimes he does receive little messages from it that he knows he needs to do in his life. He is really excited to get a Book of Mormon and start reading it.
Next Miracle. From English Class I set up a David Weng who is a pretty faithful christian. We sat down and talked with and shared a simple restoration. It was really good. He recognized that Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist for a specific reason. We testified of the priesthood and restoration of it. He also is desiring to read the Book of Mormon. He really wants to get know the word of God and find it out.
Saturday miracles. We met with Eddie Lin and he wants to understand the Gospel. Really smart and has some social interaction specialities but a great guy nevertheless. Met with Abe Chen. Another great a guy who understands a lot and is going to be a good to do studies for because of his questions and his ability to accept. Finally back up plans are crucial! We got fang'd and we went to visit to the violin man, Peng da zhong! He was really excited to see us as well. When we about got there it was pouring down on our heads. (I think that helps with the pity level a little bit). He gives us some food as the Taiwanese do and Elder Slawson and I had the best lesson of being together probably. In fact we didn't even teach a lesson. We taught him. We found more of his background, applied our principles of teaching. I really don't know how it happened but the spirit was so strong when he invited him to be baptized again he accepted it without a doubt in his mind. what had changed from 10 plus years ago and the first time we met him I don't know, but whatever it was, it was being manifested. As we left our souls were full of joy. More than that his older brother lives in Neihu my new area and he gave me him as a referral!
Last day of miracles in Xin zhu for me.
Our Bike guy came to church finally! Almo liu. Love him. He just gotten back from taipei dancing and stuff. He hadn't slept and I am so proud, he didn't sleep through church either. A real champion and a good friend. Roach ling and our other investigator wang zhan yao. They all came to church! After we had a great lesson with a member's 17 year old nephew who set a baptismal date and wants to learn about heavenly father.
I know I only touch upon a few miracles, but I know that these miracles are from patience and enduring. Oh and of course faith. The Lord has already blessed me with two families that I found here in xinzhu to teach in neihu. The power of jesus christ is real and he loves all of us. Pray lots and hopefully I can make it through alive my first week in the metal jungle!
Elder Townsend

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