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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hello! (that says da jia hao) I just want to say the Book of Mormon works miracles in Christ! This week was really good and Elder Montalto and I worked miracles. Elder Montalto's background: from Las Vegas. On his 6th transfer. Great guy. Very friendly with everyone and the ward so it is great! OK now back to why this week was so great.
So one of our investigators right now is Chen ba ba. What a character. He loves to talk, but he kind of has the right. Very accomplished man. I think last week I mentioned how he is the big man behind A1 sauce in the Asia area, well that is just some of the few accomplishments he has marked in his life. He believes in hard work, integrity, gratitude, and being an example. So this week we continue to share scriptures and the lessons with him. We'll apparently he likes to take out the missionaries he took us out to eat and oh boy, it was good and lot of food! However the best part was we got to meet his wife and his oldest son. His son is also very accomplished. He owns probably the most popular breakfast shop in all of the Neihu area. He says every morning he gets at least 500 people to come and eat. Pretty crazy. It was good because we got to share how the church places emphasis on the family and it really sparked chen ma's interest a bit. I think it is starting to wear off on her a little bit. We will continue to ask Chen ba to work on his wife to come meet with us as well. On sunday his daughter was pretty excited to talk to us. He said we were really happy and excited when we ate. ha
Next is Ryan (zhang liang jun). He is awesome he came to church this week! Better yet he loved it! Ha he has a Jesus wall paper on his cell phone too. Its awesome he loves Jesus! The ward also likes him too! He looks like a happy punk kid, but he is one of the most respectful people ever. He just has a big heart. Well this week we had a specialized training with President Grimley and we talked all about the Book of Mormon. So after we went and taught the Book of Mormon. It was good, that morning we didn't have any time to do preparation for him but because of our awesome weekly planning session we already knew what we needed to teach. The only thing we needed was scriptures. It was cool during that lesson the scriptures just came out and they bore powerful testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am pretty sure everyone came out of that lesson uplifted and excited about life. Ryan continues to strive and work towards baptism!
Li ming hong. Well he is our special brother. He is good guy, just a bit interesting. This week we went over the baptismal questions. We saw the areas where he lacked a testimony and how we could help him out. The big thing came down to was reading the scriptures. We found when he was progressing the most is when he was reading the scriptures. He is still struggling with the God being our Eternal Father and Jesus Christ as being the savior of the world. He will come around eventually. Continue to pray for him and encourage to read the Book of Mormon! I know he will get around to it.
Alright the Lord has blessed us and given us stress as well this week. For example. We are always pushing just short of our goals and then he helps us accomplish all of them. It is fantastic. However I guess the Lord is just saying keep pushing forward.
Finally as we were reading scriptures with one of our new investigators I watch as his facial expression changed and he became happier and more excited. He is such a great kid and I am glad I met his mom on the street and wanted him to learn about jesus!
I am out of time But I know the book of mormon is true and when we use the Lord will bless!
Elder Townsend!

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