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Monday, March 12, 2012

Kaui bu kaui le?

Well I have to say these last two weeks have been some of the happiest weeks on my mission so far! The reason? I would have to say the Book Of Mormon. This month we are focusing on the Book of Mormon. It has been amazing how constantly studying the Book of Mormon and using it in my everyday life has brought blessings. Also sincere prayer has brought those blessings as well.
We have been trying to focus using the Book of Mormon everywhere in every situation. One thing I have been doing is writing questions down and then doing studies looking for those answers. Everytime I receive an answer to those questions and better yet I get to use those outside on the street. My personal goal is to use the Book of Mormon in every contact out on the streets. I love being able to open the book and read it with them together. One thing I have noticed is that it really helps me find those who are prepared to listen. I found this sweet lady on the street the other day. I started talking to her and found out a little background and next I should here some scriptures. Alma 26.37 (I think, last verse of that chapter) Talked, invited here to prepare for baptism, and resolved some concerns that she had. Of course we have to pass her onto the sisters to teach, but I was so excited she was willing to study the gospel.
The next big instance took place last night. We went and visit a former and also a member's dad. He just had surgery on his back. Chen ba is living the big life. I believe he is the owner or one of the big heads of the A1 sauce here in the Asia area. He is a really funny guy and a little nutty. He loves to talk. When we first walked in there is a giant painting of a woman's back only wearing underwear. It was so random, but he tried telling us how has these shades and the angles, etc gave it an artistic "view". I just chose not to look. ha Anyways we start opening up scriptures and share about Jesus Christ, His Atonement, His healing power and also what he invites us to do. It was all in the Book of Mormon. First shared 3 Nephi 9. 13-14? then shared Alma 7.11-15. He really liked 14 and 15. When we invited him to be baptized he was really willing. Also he set a date like it wasn't a problem. I felt like we could have set an earlier date, but because of his physical condition, I felt that the later date was more appropriate.
Those are some of the using Book of Mormon examples and the blessings that have come from it. Now the prayer part. I was getting pretty stressed because we had set these goals with the Lord's help and yet we were lacking. I remember Sunday night, we said a companionship prayer out on the street. The peace and strength that came from that prayer was restoring and gave us the hope and faith to move forward and find. Simply put the Lord answered our prayers for the night. We found the people we needed and they were willing to follow Jesus Christ by being baptized.
Well I know the Book of Mormon is true. Anyone can read it, ponder its message, and then go ask God through a sincere prayer if it is true. God will give an answer. Don't have to trust my words or another person. Just have to do go do it yourself. Don't let and you can't let someone else do it for yourself and my only invite is to act off of the answer you receive.
Elder Townsend

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