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Monday, March 26, 2012

Book of Mormon

This week was great being able to use the Book of Mormon and to work with the members here in Neihu! They are awesome! They are so willing to serve and just take care of us. I love all of them incredibly!
Well this week I got the opportunity to go on exchanges with the Elder Slawson's trainer Elder Davis! After hearing so much about him from Elder Slawson I was curious to see the man behind his words. He was a great guy. It was fun though he set a really good example of how to make investigators feel comfortable and welcomed. We worked pretty well together sharing scriptures and feeling and watching the spirit work on all of us. I would say the peikes did the best for that. For example, there was a sister accompanying our first lesson of the night and she did excellent. The kid we were teaching was really nervous, but she helped us relax the atmosphere by being relevant, simple, and bearing her testimony of the Book of Mormon. Our plan was to share the Book of Mormon. In the end from the questions and promptings we received had taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it fit in his life. It was really cool. I love being able to see our new friend start to smile and drop his arms off his clenched backpack. It was pretty sweet.
Well we sat down again with li ming hong. Ha Funny guy. We taught him the Law of Chastity. It was really cool because in the Law of Chastity has a lot of blessings that I really haven't thought about. Confidence, love, trust, self-control, free from guilt and shame, and many more, but some of those things that are things his life need really badly. It was also really cool because he did the homework we gave him and he brought his questions from it. I would say this week he progressed more in the gospel than the whole time we have been here. Large part due to him reading the Book of Mormon. He still is like a little kid, but he has a good heart and he is good putting up with us. However, study he comes a little late to church and brings in a milk tea with him(against the word of wisdom. Don't worry I know most of the teas that are allowed and aren't allowed now, but still there is so many). He gets up during sacrament meeting to go the bathroom and I tell him to take his milk tea with him. He grabs it and gives it me and I tell him no go take it downstairs with him and he does. He comes up a bit later and sounding a little frantic says to me he hasn't drunk all of it yet. (he also has it stuffed in his coat) I tell to stick it in his backpack so he does. I have to admit at that time I was a little bit maybe say frustrated but not really just thinking what is he doing? Later on now its pretty funny thinking back how he felt really bad and him realizing that was breaking the word of wisdom.
We sat with one of English Students. Peter Wang. Really cool guy. He wants to be a pilot. Right now he is studying english preparatory to going to flight school in America. He has a really laid back life right now so intitially it was hard to figure out how we could apply the Gospel, but we started to talk and just asking simple follow up questions and being bold, we found out he is trying to figure something out with his girlfriend.  Well I am grateful for studies because they helped prepare us well for that. The Lord gave us the words and scriptures we needed to help him there. It opened up the rest of the lesson really well and was a great opportunity to teach him and he is willing to come and find an answer and experiment upon the words of Christ!
This week we also had a few members invite us over for dinner and it was fun. They are so loving and love to find opportunities to serve us. I feel a little bad because I feel like we should be serving them.

Well lots of love everyone and Jesus is our Christ!

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