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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Basically Easter didn't exist her in Taiwan. However, that does not change the fact that our Lord and Redeemer lives again this day. Even though people go by and by unexpecting of the Lord's ultimate sacrifice which He has performed for them and the beautiful gift of repentance and how Christ invites all of us as an expression of love to come unto him and enter the Good Shepherd's arms. I know Christ will stand at the Judgement Bar at our side with his arm around us as pleads with the father in our half. He understands better than I ever will all of my own unworthiness and mistakes but all he wants to do is plead for me to come back to him and be perfected in him. He lives.
That is my little Easter share. For Easter we had general conference because in Taiwan they broadcast a week later. It was fantastic. I learned lots and felt a load as well. If you didn't learn any thing or thought it was boring go back again, pray for the Lord to answer the questions you have in life.
Well this week we went to the zoo! I saw a living panda. He was pretty great. I think the greatest part was being able to spend time with other missionaries and be able to laugh and have a good time with them. Elder Peterson and I were a little bit I don't know how to say it well other than chinese but ren4zhen1 (translates serious but also has diligent, active meaning) where we were learning all the chinese names for the animals. We are set that knowing what a southern cassowary is is of great importance to our chinese vocabulary (nan2 fang1 shi2 huo3 ji1=south place food turkey) Its pretty great.
Anyways this week we meet some pretty great souls and watched a few as they progressed in the Gospel. For example Elder Montalto bumped into Bro. Wang. This man is craving and looking for the fulness of the gospel. He was sharing experiences with us how God has been preparing him in his life and how he hasn't found the satisfication of finding the truth in where ever he goes. He said he was willing to do all things that we invite him to do. He also feels that God still speaks to man and that there is more of God's word there. 
Also bro xiao. Is soo good. He is meeting new friends and put really immersing himself in the word of God. He is really good and he talked to me a little about the struggles at home. I know this message provide those things. Well again I am out of time but lots of love!
Elder Townsend 

Some things will never change...boys will be boys!

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