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Sunday, April 22, 2012


The Lord loves these people here in Neihu. The Spirit is looming waiting over them waiting to enter there hearts and bring blessings of heaven down upon them.
We found many new exciting people and our current investigators are doing really well as well.
I would like to start talking about howard Weng yu. He his great. He met the missionaries 7 years ago and he hasn't gotten baptized. His little sister has though. As we were meeting with him the spirit was strong. Guiding the questions and opening his heart to speak freely. As he opened up and spoke the scriptures did as well. He shared with us how his father really opposes him getting baptized because he is the next male to pass along the family tradition. In the course of all this he shared how he wants to get baptized, how he knows the Book of Mormon is true because God has answered his prayer, and also how him and his dad relationship is horrible. I helped him apply faith and also I thought about the things I did with my own paps to build and keep our relationship through the years. Also other companions on the mission who I have encouraged to develop their relationship with their father. Elder Montalto and I promised and gave some heartfelt invites that will help him build faith and find a way to be baptized.
Next Li ming hong. He has always been our special one. He is great and we always continue to work with him. He has progressed more than ever. He is spending more and more time in the Book of Mormon. It is showing in his countanence. He is a bit more at peace. He might not notice but it was really evident this last week. 
President Grimley. Had our interviews with president for the last time. It was really sad. He has been amazing representative of christ here. He is the Lord's ordained. I'll miss him when he heads home. I gave him a hug at the end. 
The Lord really does answer prayers. We get a call from the mission office (Bu) and a phillipino sister had called asking if we could bring a book of mormon to her. We went found her and she shared with us her experience. She is endowed, has six kids back in the phillipines and has been in taiwan for three monthes. Her boss hates any form of church and won't let her go. The sister Nanet doesn't have any days off, she is suffering basically. She has been try to find a way to get in contact with the church, but to the point where she didn't have much success. Finally as she found someone who got her the church's number she called the bu, and the bu called us. As we gave her the Book of Mormon she was so happy she just started to cry and cry. Also we helped translate her address so she can start writing her family. She is so excited because she has a son already starting to plan to go on a mission as well. 
Last but not least. Last week I set this guy up and for some reason I forgot to get his phone number weird. I started to pray that the lord would soften his heart and he would remember our appointment a week later. The Lord answered. He showed up five minutes late but he showed up! We had pretty great lesson not the most amazing but a good lesson, he understands our purpose and is wanting to learn more as we never really has even thought of God before so now he wants to see what he is about. 
Lots of blessings and lots things but they are all so happy!
Lots of Love 
Elder Townsend
PS I think Elder Scott in his talk was talking about how important writing letters (hard copies) is in displaying love. Just a hint. 

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