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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Time flies. I honestly don't know where it goes. This is such swirl. Well I just hope and pray that it is going the way the Lord wants it go.
This week see saw some pretty cool miracles. For example thursday. A couple of days earlier I met bruce lai on the street and set him up at the church. He came and he brought a friend. They both were willing to be baptized. They both had a christian background, but not the most devout background. They both sought for some form of change in their lives. That night we also saw lots of miracles. Back to back lessons with great people. Some of them like bro. Zeng just made us laugh the whole entire time. His personality was not the average taiwanese man and he was all over the place. Qiu lian de is hilarious as well. He is a 60 year old man and he is starting to progress a again. Our current goal is to get him to read the Book of Mormon and pray daily. I hope everyday that these people can feel of the spirit and move forward in faith. There are so obstacles. I just want them to feel the love of the Lord. That they do have a place among all of this. Sometimes its hard to display it perfectly in words. Chinese can be a real kick in the behind, but if we can give the message to them in there native tongue how much more likely it is to have meaning and bring the spirit and spirit of understanding.
I wanted to talk about Xiao yun xiang. He is doing great. He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon already. He believes in Joseph Smith restored the church because of the Book of Mormon. He has felt that the Savior is real because of the Book of Mormon and it testifying of Christ. This week we went on a temple tour with him in the heart of taipei. He has opened up a lot and is doing great. He is committed to baptism on 19th. So we will continue to push and work together with him for that date. There are lots of members that are so supportive of him.
This week meet some cool people and prepared people all around. For example Taiwan has this stuff called binlang, betel nut, a really nasty chew like tobacco. I had the thought that I needed to give one of guys sitting behind the stand a tract. He took it and he said he was Christian and would like to learn more about Christ and how to change his life. Also talked to a German who was so pumped and excited to meet us. We talked and we had a desire to learn more but we have to ask the other missionaries to share with him the Gospel. Probably one of the most special events for me was helping Mr. Zhou out. He was sitting in a wheel chair outside and he did not look good. He had scars and scabs covering his body. Legs were badly deformed and had a catheter attached. After a while he said that he needed to leave. I asked him if I could do anything to help and he asked me to carry him up to his house. He lived on the fourth floor of the apartments. I more than willingly accept his offer. As he got onto my back I realized how light he was. I was imagining him to be heavier and as I moved up the stairs he felt lighter and lighter. I know God truly cares for him. He has had some "rough" spots to say the least but I know we were supposed to be there to touch his life at that time. However big or small the impact was.  
Today we are off to the temple. 

Lots of love

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