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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello and happy Mother's day!
It was great to hear from everyone! Voices sounded pretty great for the most part! (The only weird thing about voices is the clarity and my hearing)
Well kind of already talked, but there are some things I realized I didn't have time to share some moments from this week! For example most of our contacting is out on the street so we meet lots of people. In Taipei there are lots and lots of people so sometimes running to people more than once is rare. However, the taiwanese believe in Destiny or Fate however you would like to call it. So if you run into people more than once fate is taking its place. So we ran in to a Mr. Huang a view times and we set a time to meet and share the gospel with him this week. He has us come to his "house/dormitory". He lives in what we would consider to be an apartment that is split off into a bunch on smaller room boxes. Inside of each box (I am assuming) is room for a bed, maybe a desk and that's it. No other room so maybe 7 feet wide and 10 feet long. So like I said really little. Well We go sit down and he starts telling us how he is trying to get in correspondence with the president of Taiwan to help prove this story he has and to re-establish his natural state. He claims he is Obama's father. He said he used to speak English and have blonde here, but when he came here his body and mind went through a change. He forgot English and everything and because of it, Obama won't accept him as his father so he needs the president of Taiwan to help him find his real self. But that doesn't even start the crazy part of this guy. He also claimed that our world is a product of two other worlds colliding together to form this world and we in a way knwo about the old worlds. They are in way here on this earth as well. Its similar to one of holigraphics that as you turn it turns into another picture. For example you see a tiger and when you tilt the picture you see something new or new tigers, etc. Well Apparently on one of those worlds he was old Jesus Christ. Elder Montalto confirmed it by showing him a picture of christ and asking if it was him. He said yes that was him. He said he was crucified but never died. Also that there would be a new Jesus Christ who would come to save us. Being a little blown a way we said we said a prayer with him and wished him a great day. Its weird though, as you look in his eyes he doesn't really look crazy. Maybe just a little empty. I don't know.
Well this week Xiao yun xiang is getting baptized! He passed his baptismal interview and in church he had spiritual experiences that answered some questions he had! So the Lord does answer prayers.
Chen ba came to church! ha Handsome old man. Real stud. Came in a shirt and tie. Looked good and loved feeling of church. It was great to have his daughter there pushing him along. I'll try to get a picture with him this week so you can see what a great guy he is. Loves to eat has formed a nice big round belly but a funny very loving man. Very smart and capable of many things. Usually we go to his house to meet. He has done very well with his business ventures. Now we just need to keep him moving along in his spiritual journey!
Well this week we spent 4 hours in a police station trying to figure out Elder Montalto's stolen bike. Killed a lot of proselyting time unfortunately. The police stations here are really relaxed. I guess I really never visited them in America but here its so whatever. Almost could go there to hang out. But They were good and really passionate about finding his bike but unfortunately all the results were in vain as nothing pulled up.
Well lots of Love!
Elder Townsend!

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