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Monday, May 28, 2012


Pictures. Its bright outside at 5 am so I needed a little help. Devil beetle thing. Took bro. wu to the temple. The famous jerry from taidong!
Hello one and all!
I just to start off by saying how grateful I am for our mission president, President Grimley. He trully is called of God. What I love the most about him is that he has made me feel safe here. I know as long as President Grimley is here that we are safe. I know the next President will do exactly the same. I know the Lord has called them to be his voice pieces here in Taiwan.
Alright this week news...
Well I went on exchanges with Elder Lin over in Shilin which was a blast. He is really humble and charitable missionary. He is the only member in his family. He is already 26 years old. Talk about faith. He said when he called back on Mother's day his ama (grandma) kept asking him over and over again when he was coming back. The Zone leaders stay pretty busy. Whenever they get an announcement they have to pass it along to all the other missionaries and wait and report back, just a bit annoying. I really loved serving with him. He set a great example for me.
This week we had a special meeting with Elder Gong and new Bishop Davies. (he is awesome) They were going around and doing a little tour with all missionaries to kind of remember President and sister Grimley type meeting. It was really spiritual. I really will miss the Grimleys, but I guess its there time.
This week Jimmy li came around! It was a pretty cool miracle. I have been trying to pray a lot for this people here in neihu that there hearts will be soften so we find a way to share the gospel. Well Jimmy had a some not too great experiences that really soften and humble his heart. Jimmy has been coming to english class for a while and no interest in the Gospel. I have tried but no good. well after class he came up and asked about learning more. OF Course we would be willing. we set up a time to share with him. IT ws really neat. As we were sitting there I felt the love the lord had for him.
Well out of time.
Lots of Love!
Elder Townsend

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