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Saturday, May 12, 2012


This week is great! Lots of great things, in fact in was pretty short because we had temple day on Wednesday so I don't have a whole lot to share but here are a few things! Also I know you are curious about what the area I live in is like. I will do my best to explain it...
Current area is Neihu District. It is considered part of the taibei city. It is a really expensive area so we have lots of wealthy accomplished people walking around, however that doesn't included everyone. Taipei has a really cool MRT system that runs throughout it. Makes things really convenient. In our area we have about 6 stops or so and those sometimes will feed people out that we try to filter through in contacting. Lately we have been tracting and has brought some success and some future success. In the past tracting usually includes running into a bunch of old grandmas and grandpas who love their incenses. (Bai bai worshipping) so its been a little bit difficult but lately it has been going well. Getting in contact with a couple of families and hopefully we can get them to grasp the gospel's iron rod! In Taipei and a lot of cities because it is a city they will put parks in everywhere so they can go exercise. They have some little weird exercise gagets and a little greenery and stuff. Some are just beautiful. My area is more of the residental part of the city, so during the daytime hours its a little hard to find because people are out at different districts or cities working. So we contact a lot of people from different places because they are here for business.
The people in Taiwan are work aholics. It is ridiculous how much they work sometimes. In their thought process, one of the greatest reasons we are here is to get a good job and to work. Eat, sleep, work. Eat, sleep, work. It is really taxing and they get 60 or so retire. When they retire they go fishing everyday or go drink all the time. They all desire the same life as their neighbor. They really don't like change. It eats a lot of taiwanese up this process, but they don't any other way that could bring them money or anything so they stick with it. The ones who realize this process and want to get out of it are the ones that we try to find. They at least think that religion will be good. Can direct their lives, give it a spiritual support/crutch. However, when they start using the principles they start seeing changes. At that point it is up to them to accept or reject what we are sharing.
I love this place, I love sweating profusely because of the humidity, the nasty smell and taste of the air as you are trying not to get hit by a bus, car or scooter or even a taxi. Buses and taxis are the worst.
I love this people. Sometimes it gets hard, but when I can remember why I love them its a lot easier. Sometimes its frustrating to always get "politely" rejected, but I am grateful that they don't just stop, start screaming, and have a panic attack. (That's usually the Americans. We are way too dramatic)
Old man qiu lian de set a baptismal date! It was a huge miracle! Its been about a month or so since we have started meeting with him and this last time, he set it and in his prayer, it was beautiful. He expressed the feelings of his heart and it really felt like he had progressed so much!
Next xiao yun xiang! So close he gets baptized in two weeks! Right now we are finishing up a last few things, but he is solid. Knows the Book of Mormon is true and the bishop peiked the other day and when he was there he had an amazing experience for trying to keep the sabbath day holy and he shared it with lil xiao! brother Xiao was absolutely blown away by the experience. He was so excited and kept looking down at the scriptures as if the words were coming out speaking to him.
Meet lots of new friends and one of the them came to church! It was great we had three people to church which is huge! Weng yu (howard) came! He is doing well, our current goal is to help his mom start studying the gospel. Its a process but it will happen! Next is his dad!
Well lots of love and always keep pushing! Even when you are sick of it, feel like desire or faith or whatever is gone keep going because God will reward the perseverant!
Elder Townsend

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