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Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Transfer

Well... I guess I will see everyone in December... Weird how quickly that time is coming around. I Don't think it has quite rolled around in my head yet.
I am the new District Leader. They are taking the district leader and putting him over here with me in Neihu. A little nervous. However, I am excited to get to work more with other missionaries and not always be bubbled up concerned with my  investigators and old men.
We had people come to stake conference this weekend which was pretty fantastic. I really enjoyed it. I sat next to chen ba. He is doing well, has some little problems like stressing about faith and some commandment stuff, but I am not worried. The Lord will take care of everything as we do our part.
I am still with Elder Montalto, (I don't know if that still counts as news but hey, we are still together)
Last transfer with our dearly beloved President Grimley. We are going to have a five week transfer so President can get rid of all the old missionaries before new President Day gets in.
Xiao yun xiang's baptism was amazing! It was really so fantastic! Except as we were filling the baptismal font, we accidently flooded the church... thirty minutes before the service... Thankfully the floors here in chapel are tile so it turned out ok! We got it cleaned up. Ha only about oh... an inch of water on the ground. The service started a little late, I was stressed out about it. A lot of things were not going smoothly, but its ok, the service was spirit packed. His whole family was there to support them, the talks were fantastic, nice and short 3-7 minutes, the Bishop's son baptized him and it was smooth (we invited the bishop's son to baptize him, they are close in age, we had him peike a few times, we felt it was appropriate) and the bishop gave a warm welcome and got a little teary eyed as he was sharing. He was so impressed with yun xiang. Also because him and his son were so close in age he felt as if yun xiang was also his son. The ward was good at welcoming in. Overall, it was beautiful experience.
The investigators.
Well as I mentioned earlier we tend to find the older men here in Neihu. As we were walking the park the other week I ran into a mr. feng. Found out he had a baptist background, is from beijing, and other little things. I sat down on the bench with him chatted a little and set up a time. (He looked maybe 65ish) well he had to change a few times, but I come to find out he knows one our members and she took us over to his house. We had a great lesson! Packed with spirit, Book of Mormon and the Bible. He understood the role of prophets, The divinity of christ, and how his originial church was. Still have a few parts we need to iron out, but went extremely well! After the Lesson finishes I come to find out that he is 85 years old. He has others beat... by a bit!
Well all the brothers here are doing well, thank you for all of your prayers! Lots of love!
Elder Townsend

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