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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Modern Toilet and other good things

Hello Da jia!
It sounds like everyone is doing great from the emails! Love the pictures and all the happy news.
Well I am doing really well! This week was really busy, but it was fun to watch as the Lord puts his hand in the work. I really have learned as I strive to put all I have in the pot and a little more that the Lord will bless. Its when we have done all that we can is when we see it turned over to the Lord.
So the pictures real quick. On preparation day we went to a restuarant called the modern toilet. As the name suggests, yes, it is toilet theme. Also yes, I couldn't resist making toilet puns in there. Don't worry nothing to childish, just talked about john, etc. So one of the pictures is Elder VanDrew and I with our mini toilets with corn soup in it. The other is my curry and finally my lovely ice cream.
Well this week we met lots of great people! I think one of them that was really cool for me was a Chen yi zhang. We are not quite sure where he came from. Elder Montalto called him and he set up. We sat down with him and still both us of were clueless on where he is from. He was a little nervous at first when we met with him. He mentioned something pretty interesting during the lesson and it sparked a question you can say in me. So I asked him the question and it brought out a lot of crucial things. For example, how to know which church is true, how to find it, what do you have to do to follow jesus christ. He also shared some spiritual experiences he has had lately and wants to act upon them to follow the example of jesus CHrist. He his really amazing guy.
Sorry this week is a little short but I love you all!
ELder Townsend
Last picture is chen ba.
Why am I not surprised he would like this place....Modern Toilet

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