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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moving Time

Well. I am moving again. I guess I did ok here as District Leader so they are throwing me down to the east Coast aka Hualian to be Zone Leader.... I am so excited! I am pretty much going back home! I am a bit nervous though, I have sooo much to learn. First I have to be a Zone Leader which is crazy and second I have my first native companion, Elder Huang! I am really excited! I have never had a native and I have meet him a couple of times, not too familar with him, but I have heard lots of great things. He probably things I am some weird missionary, but I am sure it will work out. In Church I was thinking how I could be more in God's will for this next transfer especially with all of these new things. One of the speakers just mention a little story about two kids on a plane flying to place. One of them was nervous and ask the other why he wasn't nervous. The other confidently replied, he doesn't have to worry because he knows the pilot, his dad. This next little bit will be like this except I we are driving in a car. (This way I have a little bit more of a responsibility, I can adjust the air conditioning and the music every once and a while)
Well this week was slow, fast a mixture in between. Things started of a bit slow, but got better. Maybe one of the reasons why this week went a bit slow was I had a few bike problems again. This week I popped 5 tires. Everytime I got a new tire it popped within 20 minutes. It was a bit frustrating. I ended buying a new front outer tire just to avoid any problems all together. I have to admit though it was kind of fun to get to know the bike shop guy. He was awesome. Hopefully Elder Montalto will keep following up with him. He is a good man (They both are). 
Next we shared with Ellery Han This week, he is really digging prayer. He has been praying for his girlfriend a lot because she has heart problems. We gave him a Book of Mormon this week as well and hopefully that will help him out a bit. Probably my favorite thing about him is when we follow up with him on the phone. He has the best Hello in the world. I really will miss it. (He is wearing a pink shirt inside a class room)
Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder VanDrew. He is fantastic. I have looked forward to working with Elder VanDrew since my second transfer. I always heard his stories so I am lucky to work with him right before he goes home. We met with a couple of his new members and friends. It was fun, free and a good time. We also had a really interesting lesson with sister Tian. She is hilarious. She has this wild personality. She is married and stuff fortunately oh is also from mainland. Oh she also sells airsoft equipment and is on a girl's team. Anyways her lesson was special. When we were walking with her to the park to meet with our members she asked us if we knew where we were. Obviously we didn't. She said good because now she could sell us and our moms can come buy us back. 
Well my time is almost up.. Let you know I love Neihu I love these peeps! I also love all of you, you are in my prayers! Jesus Christ is my savior, redeemer and best friend!

Elder Townsend  

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