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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hualian- back to the land of Paradise

First week down on the East coast. IT was great! For this week we were in a threesome as Elder De Visser is waiting for his little (well actually not so little) trainee to come in. It was pretty funny to try that out. It was a little weird because the two of them have been down here so long that they have developed really similar teaching styles which was a little difficult at first to adjust to but we got it down a bit in the end.
So my new companion is Elder Huang. He is from Zhang hua. He is a little older 25 years old. He is awesome. He is a very diligent worker. He loves finding, he sets a great example, and he is just fantastic. I am also picking up chinese at a new level now. Everything is starting to be done in chinese so I am being work. Giving me lots to do.
Well this week we had you zi zheng's baptismal service this week. Funny kid. We meet with him during the week and being a cute little 9 year old was climbing around in his seat. By th end of the meeting he had flipped completely upside down in his seat. Provides some pretty good entertainment. Little bit hard to have a spiritual experience but we had it through in the end.
This week I definitely put on some color. We were outside a lot. I think I need to pull out the sunscreen. I am rocking some awesome tan lines.
However I love being outside, even though its hot and a bit humid it is so much fun to work amongst the people. When I first got down to hualian it was a little bit harder but after a few days and many prayers, the people's hearts started to warm up and change. I probably changed as well but it is so warming (in more ways than one) to work.
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