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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Well Hello!
This week was pretty fantastic! I got to meet the new President! President day! He is the man. His wife is fantastic as well. I love how they have a good ol' southern accent to them. Makes me feel like I should be in a southern home with some good cookin' in front of me.
2012.7.2 10.20 am gave my native companion his first stick of deodorant.
2012.7.3 6.16 am Hit the train back to taipei to have my first war council aka zone council. It was a little weird at first. I kept expecting President grimley to walk in but I felt at peace with our new president so I didn't worry too much. It turned out to be natural. While I was in taipei the weirdest thing happened. I actually missed the place. Obviously I did NOT miss the stuffiness and the pollution, well maybe a little, but what I miss is that city feel. Its a completely different style of missionary work. Who would of guessed right?
2012.7.5 4.24 pm Go on exchanges with Elder De Visser. What a champ. It was so good to be with a fellow foreigner. We went and did service at a hospital. It was weird we were teaching the nurses english. We were in the wards as the were checking patients. We just walked up to them and asked them if they wanted to study English and they would drop the patient or whatever work they were doing to study a little English. It was a bit strange but it was ok. However the hospital was a HUGE buddhist hospital so we couldn't proselyte.
2012.7.7 President day came to hualian. Got to him and his wife. They are a completely different style. President Grimley has the military feel to him and President day is really relaxed but still obedient which is great.
Our investigators are doing great. One of them zhang wei kai is fantastic. He slipped back into smoking and drinking. We bumped into him on the street. He's buddy knew that he shouldn't be doing that. It was cool because he has been inviting his friends to church.
Lots of love!
Eldrer townsend

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