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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Wow I am glad to hear all the new news! Sounds like everyone is out finding jobs and staying busy!
This week, thinking about it now it was filled with miracles.
On Monday I ran into this christian family. They told me to sit down and to start sharing so I did, ask them them questions, bore testimony. It was really cool, I felt the spirit as I taught. It was also fun to use a combo of the bible and the book of Mormon. It was fun because they loved the Book of Mormon scriptures and understood them better than the bible ones. I just think they (the Book of Mormon and the Bible together) are fantastic. I also think it was the first time I have ever testified that I hold the priesthood, the same one that was restored through Joseph Smith by the Apostles Peter, James, and John. They live in Tai Dong so they will have to take care of them.
Next on Tuesday I went to my old town of.... Tai Dong! It was fantastic! Wang ba picked us up and he did a double take. Startled the good old man. Elder Peterson here did a marvelous job at leading the Tai dong district in his meeting. After I went on exchanges Elder Relyea, his trainee. What an amazing Elder. He has a happy upbeat personality. I think the attribute that I admire most about him is his ability to love. After everyone we contacted he couldn't stop talking about how amazing they were and how much he loved them. Really a pure innocent love. I believe thats what the savior meant as he said we need to become like little children. During that day I also saw lin Chao wei (Elder Sessions and I baptized him on my first transfer) He is doing alright, having some difficulties but is willing to restart and change his life again. Also saw Jerry lin! He is still Jerry AKA the man. It was cool because now he will speak Chinese with me now. Ha as before he would speak both but mostly english.
Friday ate a few pigeons (when someone doesn't show up its called a fang ge zi or place pigeon) but we still saw a few mircacles meet a Mr. Wu is willing to learn and grow. He owns a cake shop so we will also see how that goes. :)
President day changed a rule which we now can open letters on any day. Doesn't change that we can write anyday. I am grateful for that. I got a note on Saturday that helped me keep going. I was feeling a little frustrated, not seeing the progress I wanted and feeling my contacting is horrible, but the not had a name on it of my convert up in the Neihu. For some reason it just made me excited for the work.
Sunday we taught a family! They are so cute. They have a year and half old son. They are just cute, but we share a little message and promised them blessings and they commited to be baptized.
Well out of time LOve
Elder townsende

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