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Thursday, February 10, 2011

MTC Life

Elder's Gubbay (twins), Elder Wyatt, and Buster. Old zone leaders and now the new. Buster has said that they are the hero's in his life and is humbled to step into their position. He said that Chinese will be their fourth language. Wow, Buster and Elder Wyatt have big shoes to fill. (literally...guess it is time to start singing the verse "when I have grown a foot or two" -I hope they call me on a mission!

Elder Palmer Clegg (BYU friend)

Mandel (BYU buddy)

 The whole Chinese zone!
Elder Wyatt, Bust, Elder Luck & Elder White.
I am beginning to wonder how that suit is holding up wearing it 24/7. He was told to bring just one but I am afraid it will be worn out and stinky before March 24, 2011 arrives!


  1. Love the pictures!! Go Buster... I mean Elder Townsend!!

  2. Wow what great pictures. Buster, Elder Townsend, looks so good. Thanks for setting up this blog.